Maturity is boding well for the young man's face. His jawline is more prominent as are solid cheek bones. However, there's still a glitter of mischief in his bright blue eyes. Although something seems different about the young lad's hair, where it was once long and flowed out to about his mid-back, it is now short and chopped off just above the scruff of his neck while tufts of reddish hair envelop his heart-shaped face. Lips are usually parted in a cheshire cat-like smile, and a sly, mischevious expression frequents his face. His young body is starting to fill out rather well, although his hand-me-downs usually hide his strong chest and muscled arms. The youth, too, is starting to go through a growth spurt, and doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

For once in his lifetime, A'ryn is actually wearing new clothes, ones that actually fit him. He's wearing a long tan-colored tunic that is loose about his figure. Black pants drape around his midsection, fitting snugly and reaching all the way to his ankles where boots meet the fabric and hide his feet from the weather. Every bit of clothing is kept neat and trimmed to look absolutely presentable. Not one single article of clothing is out of place even the tiniest of threads is well kept. A brown and black knot rests on his shoulder, as well as a green colored ribbon mixed in with the strands to signify that he is a rider at Fort Weyr.


Having been born into a rather big family, where Varryn just happens to be the 'baby' of the bunch, is never particuarly easy, especially when his mother just happens to be a brownrider. And although many of his siblings, including himself, were not actually raised by their real father (due to chasings), the father who raised them was just as good. Varryn was origionally born into Ista weyr, and not long after he was born, was it determined that he had a knack for mischief. He was always getting into some sort of trouble. As he grew older, he didn't get better, no, he got worse. He was always trying to concoct a scheme and get away with it. And that wasn't even the worst of the family's problems, Varryn tended to be rather hyperactive, annoyingly so. He would always do everything with immense enthusiasm. Even the simplest of chores would turn into something so elaborate that it was unrecognizable. So, it wasn't long until his mother and father decided to put all his energy into something useful and sent him job-searching through the weyr.

He made fast friends with Ralin, a boy of his age, and the two became the instant terror-fiends of Ista. They were always devising some plot of some kind and executing a prank or trick on the unsuspecting weyr residents. One day, however, Varryn went one step a little too far and his parents sent him to Fort so that they wouldn't have to put up with his antics anymore. While he was there, he was asked to stand for the sands for a clutch and wound up with his lifemate, Malieth.


Name Relation Location Position
Jaryn Mother Ista Weyr Brownrider
Marvis Father Ista Weyr Kitchen Aid

Lots and lots of siblings.

Firelizards: Brown Dirty

Dragon: Malieth