A'mar is six foot three in height. He has a short mess of light brown hair, which might go curly if he let it grow any longer. His blue eyes are slightly round in shape, seeming slightly large for his skinny face, while his nose and chin seem to be slightly pointed at the chin, giving him an angular, almost heart-shaped, face. His skin bears a weathered tan that makes him look every bit his age, despite his youthful features.

A'mar wears clothes that are clearly designed for the cold, dyed with blue for vanity. His pants are made to last, the fabric thick and sturdy, and the legs made with extra length for those growth spurts that occur at the worst of times. The pant cuffs have been sewn up so that he doesn't trip over them. He also wears a simple long-sleeved shirt, of a slightly lighter shade of blue than the pants, and a jacket of similar design to the pants.

A'mar appears to be in his mid-twenties. He wears the black and brown knot of a Fort Weyr rider, with a strand of blue for his lifemate, the patch of a wingrider in Fort's Simurgh wing, and the clay-stained hands of a potter.


A'mar has spent his entire life at Fort Weyr, raised by his mother Alara, a Harper, and his father Tamor, a Smith. Now a rider by the name of A'mar, his name was once Talmar. Young Talmar's favourite time of the year was winter, when there was plenty of snow on the ground. Whenever it snowed, he would make snow sculptures. Never anything too fancy, he just liked to see what he could create. One turn, Talmar's family went away for the winter, to stay with family. Talmar was very disappointed when they got there, however, because the climate was too warm for snow. It did rain, making mud, which he decided to play with instead, much to his parents' displeasure.

When Talmar and his family returned home to Fort, his parents began looking for some kind of alternative, realising that their son would not simply stop this playing, he merely needed a more productive way to channel the creative energy. Finally, they came across someone willing to teach their son pottery, and the leapt at the opportunity. Talmar began learning how to craft basic items out of pottery, under the careful instruction of his new mentor, Jopier. He has made several passable plates, and a few wonky bowls, but he still has a lot to learn.

In time, Talmar was searched. A remarkably short amount of time, in fact. He had barely turned twelve when the dragons turned to searching, and wasted no time in choosing Talmar. Talmar and Amanthis had both come to look at the recently laid clutch, and were soon joined by Asiree, and X'an, then Weyrleader of Fort. To cut a long story short, they wound up in the bowl, and Asiree's blue Sukith found the pair of them rather interesting. When they accepted, X'an handed the new candidates — the first two searched for that particular clutch — white knots. Hatching day came, and A'mar impressed a blue, Caldoth.


Name Relation Location Position
Alara Mother Fort Weyr Harper
Tamor Father Fort Weyr Smith
Tamal Older Brother Fort Weyr Weyrfolk
Latora Younger Sister Fort Weyr Weyrfolk
Lamat Nephew Fort Weyr Weyrbrat


Brilliance of the Light Brown Coat
Rather than a deep brown, the firelizard is pale with almost rays of light traveling down his form. Curvy and bulky, a body guard wrapped in a loveable package. His large eyes round, much like the belly he's began to form. While plump would not really describe this lizard, buff would be a more appropriate word for him. From looks, he appears to be quite proud of the fact. One to fly into the rescue of many a green.

Deceptively Innocent Blue Scarf
Deep navy blue sweeps over this small fellow's gigantic head and down his stunted forearms and overly powerful hindlegs with gigantic feet. The same shade sweeps backwards to the very end of his fattened tail. Midnight blue ridges appear as dark points upon the somber canvas but it is a pale baby blue which coats the tip and sides of his grotesquely large muzzle and gently coats his chest, stomach and the underside of his tail. His wings are large and sweeping, royal blue with indigo highlights to catch the eye and distract from the attack.

Sultan's Daughter Green Suit
Light green covers this little princess; her body is petite and looks like a fine piece of green glass rather than a living being. Teal green tints her small eye ridges, fading into a lighter lime green down a long sensual neck that reflects the suns rays and glistens with inner beauty. Long graceful wings are bright emerald, and sit on a strong back that supports her well. Thin haunches make her appear almost feminine, as her body curves and her tail follows behind her like the back of a gown.


Cry of Freedom Blue Caldoth
Giving the impression of being hewn out of sodalite rock, the contours of this dragon seem to be craggy and weatherworn over a squat, compacted frame. A pronounced bone structure over all the vista of deepest blue gives the impression of unnatural gauntness. The deep indigo hue of his hide appears mottled and daubed though, with cracking harper-tone paint, giving the illusions of swirls and harlequin patterns, broken only by deep jet that forms his neck ridges and talons. Occasionally, rogue flecks of other more vibrant sky and powder shades, combined with freckles of brown, give him a mud-flecked aspect. His wings are a shadow of veined agate, translucent at the very edge of the membranes, as if the cloak of them were ragged from age and usage.

Caldoth has a length of 25.15 meters, and a wingspan of 41.92 meters.



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