Dark brown hair sprouts out from the young lad's head, highlighted with reddish tints that streaks down to his mid-back. His hair is tied back with a simple black-colored thong, though tendrils of hair tends to escape capture and slip down into his triangle-shaped face. Dark green eyes peer interestedly out at the world beneath thin eyebrows, over-looking a rather short nose. The young man has a rather light tan to his complextion that darkens over his lithe form suggesting that the youth spends a lot of time in the sun. Even at this age he's rather short for his size, dwarfing under most his age. But dispite his stature he seems to have a slight development of muscles in his arms and abdomen, hinting that he may get a bit of exercise.

He is usually seen wearing a light-tan tunic that is tied around the waist, the tunic almost seems to be a few sizes too big for him. As if the person who made them suspected him to grow into them at some point or another and he never really did. His white pants, too, seem a little loose around his legs and too long which causes him to trip on them from time to time.

He currently has his hair dyed a sea-foam green.


From birth, life was never easy for Andis, being the youngest child to two riders, especially considering that his father was a bronzerider and his mother a greenrider. Being raised in Eastern Weyr and having having two older twin sisters also wasn't easy for the youngster. And, while he got on great with them both, it was always hard to tell which was which, even at the best of times. And being switched around from parent to parent to parent, as well between the nannies, always meant that he was someplace different and had to accommodate appropriately. This was all well and good, and eventually he grew up and his sisters were searched for the the sands and impressed, leaving him the only one in the family without a lifemate. But that didn't stop him, no, he would accomplish himself in other areas, what, the youth didn't know yet. But he would prove he was just as good as anyone else, whatever it is that he would do.

As fate would have it, Andis was asked to stand on the sands for Xanadu. But it was not to be, he was left on the sands after witnessing a brutal hatching. Not too long after, Andi decided to move to Harper Hall to learn to be a Archivist, something he quickly took to due to his love of books and history. But Andis did not stay for long, no, it was only after a turn or so of stay did he get asked once again to stand for High Reaches' clutch. Here he made many friends, and this time when the eggs cracked, he found what he was looking for. Dalasith, the answer to his heart's duet. The peice he had been missing for so long.

A'di has a tendency to switch homes…constantly. He's lived at Eastern, Xanadu, High Reaches, Western, Xanadu again, and now is currently at Fort. Ever on the move, he never really seems to reside in one place for too long. Though, A'di has somewhat found a home at Fort Weyr, coming on as a archivist to the newly discovered Library where he goes through all the old books that were discovered. After his dragon went up and caught green Audith, he's found himself as a reluctant weyrmate to D'iv who fancied the bluerider. The two are currently living together.


Name Relation Location Position
Susia Mother Unknown Rider
C'andi Father Unknown Rider
Jei Half-sister Fort Weyr Rider
Candia Half-Sister Fort-Weyr Rider


D'iv (Although rather reluctant on A'di's part)


Bronze Convict
Green Lumsi




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