With wavy amber locks that come to just below his chin and rich chocolate eyes, there's something extremely feminine about this teen. His face is fair and thin, but a defining brow and chin set off the delicate softness of his other features. His stature is slender, his chest and shoulders barely broad enough in his adolescence to set him much apart. His legs and arms retain a lithe beauty, as a dancer. Even his fingers are long and delicate. He's clearly not a figure built for hard labor.

He's dressed rather neatly, in navy slacks and a powder blue blouse, held to his small frame with a matching navy jacket. It's really more of a fashion off a doublet, trimmed in powder blue piping with carefully crafted silver buttons. He sports a pair of shiney black hide shoes and a set of fine black framed glasses of a pale blue tint.

On his shoulder is the apprentice Harper's knot and badge alongside the Fort Weyr Roc Wingsecond knot with sapphire blue thread for his lifemate, Xaventh.


Amadeo is not just descending from artists… He's descended from a plethora of artists. No one too spectacular, but each with his or her acclaim in some way, whether via great one hit wonders of works, or creating a few-turn movement in their day, or just being a successful artisan, creating and selling at a more than comfortable rate, he was, flat out, destined for art… Or not. Amadeo failed at art. His sense for color was only mediocre, his use of line unremarkable, and he totally didn't grasp depth or proportion. This was a widely known disappointment around Southern Hold, where he was raised with his two siblings, both with a knack for the skill.
His family was well off enough that it wasn't a huge loss that one out of three couldn't carry on the family 'business' of sorts. But Amadeo was embittered by the lack of acceptance in his family. He was the least favorite of his father, being the slightest in build (another factor unanticipated, as all his decendants were tall and well set) and only passible in basic exercises. This accounted for very little affection once his lack of talent was established. His mother, a gifted painter, wasn't as concerned with this. She was very fond of her middle son and desperate to find him his niche. Basic design proved too difficult, his eyes warping proportions and incapable of focussing on large compositions without losing detail. He wasn't a great cook, having never learned and while having a fabulous sense of taste he found equivicating what he was tasting to what he held in his hands to be rather too much like art. He had no fondness of beasts of any kind, and was too scrawny for their labor. But try after try, hobby after hobby… she could find none for him.
Amadeo found his craft at last, but late of the others in his field. An uncle, uncertain of what sort of present to give the boy who had no mutally shared talent, brought him an old violin, in a dusty case. It was poorly tuned, but Amadeo obsessed over the object. He sought out the harpers when they came for visits or at gathers, begging them to help him tune or learn or otherwise assist him with his prized instrument. He was 15, only somewhat late for an apprentice, when a journeyman, hearing him play, made comment to his parents about the Harper Hall. For only a turn's playing, he was quite good and accepted, despite his age, to learn with the others.
Amadeo oddly fit right in at the Hall. The younger boys adored him and the older accepted his late talent without much fuss given his amiable personality, wit, and charm. He didn't stay long under strictly hall tutilage, his mother finding a relative (albeit married in and distant) who was a Journeyman at Eastern, willing to take him on.
Amadeo found himself on the sands of Eastern not even a turn into his stay there as candidate. And rightly so, for it was sapphire blue Xaventh who found him to be his A'deo, killing the nickname of Ama rather quickly. « It is too feminine anyhow, my A'deo. » Or such was Xaventh's take.
The two were selected after weyrlinghood for the Search And Rescue wing, Deluge. Possibly because of Xaventh's acrobatics, because the harper certainly is not master mind of mechanics or a man of any great strength. Still he is cunning and capable of getting out a several tight spots.


Name Relation Location Position
Vera Mother Southern Hold NPC
Adalmo Father Southern Hold NPC
Andevo Brother Unknown NPC
Velara Sister Unknown NPC


Ready for Anything Alert Bronze Raffaello
Molten brass slides down an elongated snout and drenches the top of this firelizard as if he were molded and buffed bright from the very metal itself. Dark metallic bronze of dark umber with vaguest hints of contrasting blue-violets reach up his underside and darken his legs and wing spars. Flickers of the same leap here and there in the shadows of his ridges, face and tail to intensify the polished mettalic look of him. He almost resembles a polished brass instrument, long and elegantly curled about himself.

Dull Lifeless Shades of Green Adelina
Dull shades of green begin from the bottom of this hatchling, slowly sprouting into even darker shades which finish at the tip of her nose and the tips of her headknobs. The figure of this firelizard is thin, yet large for her color. Lanky in all ways, she seems quiet thin boned and pointy. She is not made of curves, more like angles which give her sort of a devious look. If not for the dull color and the sad droop in her eyes, she'd appear mischievous.



Winds of Change Blue Xaventh


Contrasts of light and shadow play over the form of this lithe, muscular dragon tracing over a short, round muzzle and the contours of his other features which are quite angular in comparison. Predominantly a bold sapphire, the hue seems to brighten along his back and windswept, sharply angled neckridges pooling over broad shoulders and chest whilst brushing beneath his belly. Brilliant azure sweeps along his sides and tail, accentuating his streamlined build and the promise of speed and agility that already seems evident at a glance. While his body is all brightness, his limbs provide a startling contrast, gradually darkening to a deep blue-black just along the clean lines of his gleaming talons. Spars of polished midnight blue bear wingsails of a lighter hue, membranes striated with softer lines that lend his otherwise startling appearance something akin to delicacy.


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