MinorHolds are Pern's equivalent to Earth's towns. With a smaller population, MinorHolds cannot support large industries. They generally have a few major exports and rely on the Major Holds in which they 'look' too for further goods/services and thusly thereafter the Weyr. MinorHolds usually have a minorLord or minorLady Holder, who preside over the Holding since it is too large for the Holder of a Major Hold to administrate on top of their own holdings.

Typically on founding a MinorHold, the Lord/Lady have been placed there by the Lord/Lady of the Major Hold, often blood related, after which time the title is passed down to Heirs, like Major Holds. MinorHolds are only founded by permission of the MajorHolder, especially in the Northern Continent, where space is limited and any new Holding chews up a chunk of land given to the MajorHold.

MinorLords/Ladies generally are not asked to attend Conclave, however, they meet regularly with the Major Hold in which they are affiliated with to express their position on concerning topics regarding the Holdings and also on matters that will go to Conclave. Often in matter of politics, the MinorHold will stand with the Major Hold in which they are affiliated. But it is not -unheard- of for a MinorHolder to switch affiliations to other Major Holds in the area, though often the move is risky and often invites retribution and retaliation to the MinorHolder in the big game of Politics, something that is becoming more prevalent in post-Thread Pern.

Fort's MinorHolds Are:

Breakwater Hold

Lord: Tellan (60)
Lady: Mel (Melyssra) (65)
Steward: Kaever (44)
Heir(s): Telyss (43, M), Telyar (40, M), Mella (37, F), Myra (32, F)
Affiliated to Fort Hold

Export: Fish and other wild game, hides, and some wood
History/Politics: Located northwest of Fort Hold, at the top of the lake, Breakwater Hold is a rather rustic place — which is how it's always been and likely how it will always be. They've made their living for generations by fishing and hunting in the area, though they've recently taken up some forestry to augment their trades. Tellan is an older man, but the land was originally Melyssra's — she's the one who wears the pants in that particular relationship and, even now, she continues to keep her firm grip on trade matters. She has already arranged for the marriages of all of her children to other cotholders in the area, like as not in a bid to expand their territories. As far as Fort Weyr goes, they continue to trade with them freely, as dragonriders are an invaluable resource for transportation given their relatively remote location.

Gold Hill Hold

Lord: Unvar (45)
Lady: Lleynn (25)
Steward: Ivesson (45)
Heir(s): Llunva (5, F), Unevyr (7, M)
Affiliated to Fort Hold

Export: Precious minerals, particularly gold
History/Politics: Gold Hill is located in a valley south of Fort Hold and north of Peyton Hold, strategically situated near (and named for) a vein of precious minerals, with gold being foremost among them. While Unvar is considered a fairly straightforward man, he's also reputed to be of Nabolese stock — cutthroat and vicious when the situation demands it, he is not above cheating a bit by padding shipments with worthless ores and rock. He married Lleynn when she was 16 in a purely political move; the girl was one of the youngest daughters of another hold, whose land then became his when the family fell apart due to internal bickering.

Hold Gar

Plateau Hold

Peyton Hold

Tanglewood Downs Hold

Lord: Klevan (52)
Lady: Yasvynna (48)
Steward: Weldon (34)
Heir(s): None, next in line is presumably an Heir from Ruatha Hold
Affiliated to Ruatha Hold

Export: Hardwoods of various sorts
History/Politics: Tanglewood Downs is in a hilly area north of Ruatha and was named for the tangled appearance of two trees that continue to grow there. They are not as involved in politics as some other Holds are — in general, Lord Klevan has a 'live and let live' philosophy about such things and tends to keep his nose out of the stickier business that other Holders might have to deal with. While others might view it as weakness, it's more a sense of honesty about things. During the difficulties Fort's had with other Holders, they have maintained their loyalties and have not reduced their trade.