Traditionally Craft Halls looked to the Weyr for protection when Thread fell, but they were always independent of the Weyr or any Hold near a Hall. This rings true in the present day as well. Craft Halls generally seek transport and trade services from the Weyr and look for protection or assistance when need be. The Halls own their own land and never enter into Conclave quarrels if they don't have to. They tend to mind their own business overall.

Fort's CraftHalls Are:

Harper Craft Hall

The harpers are teachers, entertainers, and the keepers of Pernese history and tradition. Their main crafthall is located in Fort Hold, with a secondary hall at Landing.

Location: Fort Hold

Healer Craft Hall

One of two crafthalls located in the Fort Hold Complex, the Healercraft is one of the oldest crafts on Pern. Healers are responsible for keeping Pern's human inhabitants healthy by treating their illnesses and injuries, and teaching preventative medicine to the general populous. Furthermore, it is their mission to explore the pharmaceutical potential of the planet's flora and fauna and to improve current medical knowledge, techniques and procedures by studying AIVAS's vast collection of medical files. There is a secondary Healer Hall near the Dolphin Craft Hall. (Blurb borrowed from the Healercraft website.)

Location: Fort Hold

Weaver Craft Hall

The WeaverCraft's main hall is located near Southern Boll. Now with the threat of Thread gone, the number of apprentices has increased dramatically as those who once did amateur work for their hold, craft, or weyr finally have time to dedicate to studying weaving in more detail. More leisure time on the part of the Pernese has led to a stronger pursuit of fashion in clothing as well as accessories. Techology is also come into use slightly with the craft having one computerized loom and one computer on which patterns can be designed and stored. But, most work is still done manually and on scrolls. (Blurb borrowed from weavercraft website.)

Location: Southern Boll Hold