Milo gets Searched for Choth's clutch.

Fort Weyr - Lake Shore
This lake shares many features common to mountain lakes — a brilliant blue jewel nestled amongst the rocks. The waters are crystal clear, and the north shore slopes gently before abruptly falling away into the depths. The water itself is usually chilly — invigorating is the term the residents use.
This lake does have one significant differentiating feature, however. The south shore of the lake is a tumbled mass of rubble, rock and earth of an ancient rockslide smoothed only by the elements in the intervening years. This rubble, as well as the rather sheer east and west faces, makes for the north shore to be the only one easily accessible.

Neyuni resists the chill in the air beneath a thick layer of clothing, walking slowly and carefully toward the activities of the day. While she tries to look cheerful she also manages to avoid most anyone who remotely looks like they would need somethign form her. Excepting a few patiently given directions to folks, she eventually does make it to the lake shore and looks out over the frozen expanse briefly before glancing toward those nearer. Her expression is clear enough, curiosity to know the current score.

Milo walks to the lake shore very slowly, with something large cradled in his arms. It's a bundle of soft blankets, and curled up inside is his green firelizard, Emmy, and also a tiny, newly-hatched gold. All that can be seen of them are their tiny, jewel-like heads as they peek out at the world with curious, blue-green whirling eyes. Milo walks straight into the crowd and gravitates toward B'ky. "Hey, B'key," Milo says, sounding happy and proud. "Look!" He lifts the blankets. "My prize for the snow-sculpture. Isn't she pretty?" Whether she is or not is hard to say, covered in warm blankets as seh is. He glances at the lake where there seems to be a crowd of people. "What's going on, there?" he asks curiously.

Darker than most, this firelizard is caressed in an arcane cloud of gold, a mystic allure that wafts over her graceful contours. Veins of solarised yellows and Spanish golds help to outline the clouds rolling over her, giving her a streamline appearance as the defining seams dart over her muscles. Her long muzzle looks like it was dipped into a vat of molten gold and the bright perfect color dribbles down her chin to her neck and rolls back over her eye ridges and head knobs. Her broad wingsails are much more pale than the rest of her body, like a solar flare tone which can be illuminated to intensity by the real sunlight when it filters through her sails. Dainty talons are the final touch to this fashion goddess, as they are dipped in an accessorising garnished opal, which mostly show soft pink highlights.

There's a, "Well met," to the glasscrafter, B'ky commenting softly, "I'm surprised to see someone from Xanadu here." The mention of 'amusement' at the Istan games earns a faint grimance from the bluerider, lips pressing together again. He's not going to comment on that, though judging from his expression, it's likely he doesn't share Moria's sentiments. That arm pat from K'shan has B'ky blinking and tilting his head to regard the greenrider a moment. He sighs though, nodding slightly in agreement, "Hopefully there won't be anything serious, at least." And there's a pause before he murmurs, "Especially during the last event." That would be the flaming. Of course B'ky would be concerned there. Worrier. There's a polite nod in greeting to Neyuni and Milo, B'ky then smiling slightly at the hatchling firelizard, saying a quiet, "She's lovely. And congratulations. It was a, ah, rather creative snow sculpture." Cough.

Moria has been watching the play absently, mostly when the crowd cheers to indicates an attempt at a goal. But she's more interested in chatting with B'ky (and sort of with K'shan) as she sips at her klah. "Why wouldn't anyone from Xanadu be here," she asks B'ky, puzzled. "I certainly don't want to be /there/ right now. Hot, dry, and miserable," she complains. "I haven't been able to do any work in over a month because of the heat." Milodann's arrival, and presentation of the firelizard, earns him several long blinks from Moria as she tilts her head to regard the blanket-swathed gold. "Congratulations?" she offers.

The scorecards by Kessa appear to be even at one point per team.

K'shan sips at his klah quietly for a moment or two. Alas, the greenrider isn't much for conversation. Though thankfully he isn't proddy least he's not downright agitated or anything. There's a small nod for the talk of flaming though, suppressing a shudder from the cold. "I doubt weather has much to do with the question." He does blink though at Milo and his firelizard, raising a brow somewhat.

Neyuni aquires a mug of something hot and nods back to B'ky. She can't quite see what Milo has from her vantage and shifts clser to those who seem to know what's going on, half listenign to the murmurs in the crowd as to which sections are cheering for which side.

"Thanks!" Milo says to B'ky. "She's a beauty. I named her Lucy." He turns to smile at the others gathered around; at Moria and K'shan and Neyuni. "I sculpted the girl getting out of the bathtub," he tells them. They probably passed it on their way here, though if they noticed it or not is anyone's guess. "I'm Milo," he says, balancing his bundle of blankets and firelizards in one arm and extending a gloved hand toward anyone who'll shake it. He notices Neyuni trying to peek, and he tilts his bundle so that she can see. Lucy's tiny molten-gold head peeks out and she blinks a couple of times. So cute!

B'ky glances at the lake a moment, sighing and shaking his head slowly, as if in answer to Moria's question about Xanadu. There's more of a frown on his features than anything, however, as he turns back with a quiet, "If you'll excuse me," and rises from his seat, "It is rather cold out here." And he inclines his head politely to Neyuni and Milo, with a faint smile for K'shan, before he heads toward the caverns.

Crunching footsteps announce the arrival of a latecomer to the festivities. Bundled up as she is in her thigh-length coat, gloves and scarf, it may not be apparent at first who it might be. But as a bit of wind catches a stray bit of amber hair about halfway to the lakeshore, it's obvious it's Elyciana. She pauses momentarily on the fringe of the gathering, eying the path out onto the ice skeptically and the grouping gathered onto it. Instead, she turns her feet in the direction of the gathering on the shore. Or at least the little knot of people that have converged on Milodann. A few slip-sliding steps later and she's skidded to a stop nearby, nearly bumping into someone at the very edges with a muttered, "Sharding ice." Reaching up to pull her scarf away from her mouth, she arrives just in time to see the tiny golden head pop out of Milo's bindle and her mismatched eyes blink once, "Emmy didn't turn gold, did she?" The momentary surprise is brief, tohugh, as she offers him a smirk, "Congrats on the prize. I suppose I should be glad that you were able to fix the bit I ah .. broke off." A glance is given to the rest and she frowns slightly, "Did I mis much in the games?"

Moria shrugs when B'ky glances at the game. "Just because Ista's involved doesn't mean the rest of us can't enjoy the games," she says, thinking that's what he means. She nods as he departs before focusing on Milodann. "I had briefly noticed there were sculptures, but I didn't look very close. Moriana, glasscraft journeywoman from Xanadu." And she shakes the offered hand before indicating the seat B'ky vacated. "Want to have a seat and keep those beauties warm?" And a final cheer from the ice indicates the end of the games, as people stream back toward the shore for warm drinks.

Neyuni settles, though likely all to briefly as the final cheer goes through the watching audience. Sigh. Shown the little firelizard she ahs and understands the expression which Milo exudes in happiness "Congrats!" at least the other seems happy about it. Its easy enough to overhear introductions and she dips her own head toward Moria, chiming in "Yuni, of Fort. Will you be staying just for the games, or swapping tricks with our own crafters?"

"Bye, B'ky!" Milo calls out after the rider. Then a familiar voice speaks, and Milo turns to see Ely. "And here's the Muse, herself," Milo says with a laugh. "Ely!" He steps toward her and goes in for a kiss, but then turns back toward Moria. "Yeah, I'll sit. Well met, Moria." He does so, and with the bundle of flits in one arm, he pats the opposit leg. "Ely, come keep me warm. B'ky's right, it /is/ cold out here. And look!" He points toward the firelizards. "This is Lucy. I got her because of the sculpture I did of you! First prize." He smirks and puffs out his chest in an exaggeratedly proud manner. He puts on a pompous voice. "Yes, because I am the best. You have the best boyfriend. Feel free to flaunt it to the other girls and make them jealous." Then he can't keep his face straight any more and he laughs at himself. "Nice to meet you, Neyuni."

Moria rises when Neyuni approaches and dips a curtsey, smiling. "I'll be staying for a few days, but I'm not sure how long just yet. I do hope to speak with your crafters and maybe do a bit of work while I'm here. The heat has closed our shops at Xanadu, and I'm itching to get something made." She starts to sit, but a bronze firelizard pops out of *between* above her head, screaming his excitement. He broadcasts to her and any receptive firelizard images of trembling and shaking eggs in Fort's caverns.

Elyciana lifts a gloved hand to tame a bit of stray hair as she leans into the kiss from Milo, pulling back after a moment to smirka little at him, "Ah, yes. A sculputre of /me/. I wonder .. do I get anything for being the muse and having myself put on display for half of Pern?" Pulling her coat a little bit closer to her body against the cold, she crunches her way across the packed snow towards Miloa nd slides into a seated position next to him. "It'll be one more thing to add to the collection of things to brag about, really. I've a long list, you know," she continues, leaning a little to one side to get close to him as she speaks, "The girls will be falling over themselves with jealousy now. Good looks, personality AND an award winning artist." She reaches a hand out tentatively towards the tiny gold, obviously seeking to scritch the little lizard, "She's a beauty, of course. Now you're going to have twice as many eggs when she and Emmy start to get older. Here's hoping they don't lay them in your bed or something." She makes a face before glancing up and around at the others, perhaps just realizing she might need to introduce herself, "I'm Ely." Simple and to the point.

Neyuni smiles in return to Moria "That's good to hear. I love the exchange of information… though I think right now I wouldn't mind getting back in front of hte forge myself. Though I'm afraid I'm a bit rusty in that aspect of smithing and glasscraft is so much a finer art." she's rather used to the comings and goings of the firelizards but hte bronze's excitement is obvious. "Joy, more eggs somewhere nearby. In fact, she can probably guess where they are strategically located. "Caverns I bet, at least if I was trying to get rid of eggs that's where I would put them." she looks to Milo and Elyciana "A pleasure for your aquiaintance… so this was the inspiration behind your sculpture?"

Emmy chirrs and wiggles out of the blankets, springs into the air, and goes /between/. Milo just blinks. "Uh… where'd she go?" he asks no one in particular. Lucy, for her part, is happy being scritched by Ely, and sticks her head out just a little bit further to chirrup encouragement. Milo laughs at his girlfriend. "Well, you know. It's not like I'm doing you a favor. You're pretty hot, yourself." His lips quirk to one side. "And funny." And he chuckles at her. Private joke, it seems like. He leans closer to her and murmurs, "And smart and fun to be with and always interest. So how's your day been?" He glances up at Neyuni. "Oh, is that why she left? Ah." He looks down at his very new gold. "Well, I don't need more. Man, feeding Emmy was enough. Now Lucy, too. That's giong to be a full-time job for a few sevendays." He doesn't seem really upset by that, though. "Yeah, she is."

Moria makes an exasperated sound as Mulgrave circles her head, tugging at her hair and coat with each pass. "Why must you be so fascinated with hatchings?" she asks rhetorically, throwing her hands up in frustration. "I swear, one of these days you'll sire a clutch, and decide that they aren't any fun anymore!" She sighs, glancing to the others sheepishly. "I'm sorry, he won't leave unless I go with him. Thank you for the welcome to Fort and the hospitality. Maybe I'll see you all again before I leave." With firm hands, she reclaims her hair, and allows the bronze to lead her toward the hatching.

Elyciana narrows her eyes a little in mock anger, wiggling her fingers threateningly at Milo, "Hot and funny? Don't push me, you know. I can still break that sculpture easily." No matter how hard she tries, though, she can't seem to keep a serious expression. What was once a neutral look quickly is ruined by a growing smirk and then a full blown grin as she leans in towards Milo, "Well. There are worse things to be, anyhow. I don't think there's ever a dull moment with you." She elbows him playfully in the ribs before leaning in to give him another quick kiss. She then continues to scritch at Lucy's tiny eyeridges, her eyes focused on the gold for now as she adds, "You're obviously as attractive to female fire lizards as you are to female humans. Should I be jealous?" And speaking of fire lizards, just as Emmy leaves, an irritated brown fire lizard breaks out of *between* with a chirring and squeaking. He all but divebombs Ely and burrows into her hair, causing the girl to frown, "Shards. It must be the hatching. He's upset. S'ok Rom." She glances first from the departing Moria and then to Neyuni with that same frown, "Must be a huge influx of the little things lately. Where are they all coming from?"

With B'ky having fled for the warmer caverns not too long ago, it might be a little odd to see the Roc wingleader returning, still with his klah mug. Instead, he's frowning to himself as he walks back, shaking his head vaguely and then giving the lake a good long look. The man's dragon swoops down from somewhere above. The blue, having returned from the flyby some time ago, promptly found himself a ledge, but has since decided to take a closer look at the lake, now that the crowd has thinned a bit. What /were/ they doing down there? The blue rumbles, landing far enough away that the backdraft from his wings won't cause too much of a disturbance near anyone. And then he scoots forward to the edge of the ice. "No, Avi, you cannot try it," B'ky mumbles tiredly, though he spots Neyuni, Milo, and Ely over there and inclines his head in greeting again. And grey eyes do flicker toward the seat the Xanadu glasscrafter had occupied. Does he look.. relieved? Quite possibly. Poor man, he's getting to be as moody as all the other blueies around here. Must be that closet.

Neyuni looks somewhat bemused by Elyciana's question. Hrm, or does the lass truely not know where eggies come from. That would be a little more difficult. "I'd say it's the water but its rather frozen over right now." she eyes the dragon eyeing the lake "and Avideth better not scratch up that surface. You know how long it took to smooth things out." she grumps not very convincingly in the cold at the klah wielding returning rider.

Milo laughs and puts an arm around Ely's waist and squeezes her a little bit. "I do try to be entertaining," he says jovially, taking the elbow to his ribs with another chuckle. "And no. You have no reason to be jealous. You're all the woman I can handle, at the moment." He notices B'ky walking up and waves a hand. "Hello, B'ky!" he says. "All warmed up, now?" He smiles at Neyuni. "You from around here?" he asks. "I'm still new, so I haven't met everybody, yet."

Elyciana pulls at her scarf for a moment, doing her best to make the little brown comfortable beneath her curtains of hair. It takes a little while, but soo the soft chirrings of distress subside to a happy chirrup every now and then. With all the distractions out of the way, Ely lets out her breath in a slow puf and finally manages to answer Milo's earlier question, "I had an annoying day. Jingles fancies himself an escape artist now. I had to spend the day fixing the sharding fencing." She lets oua scoff, sending up a stream of visible mist in the cold air. Tucking her hands into her pockets, she twists a little in her seat at the sudden appearance of a blue dragon and then a returning B'ly, a hint of amusement entering her tone, "I'm not sure they have brooms big enough for dragons .. nor ice thick enough, really." She trails off, eyeing the frozen lake itself at Neyuni's answer, a faint smirk pulling at one corner of her lips, "Well. If the water has super fertility powers … remind me to stick to fruit juice for a while. Babies." She shivers a little at the mere thought. Milo gets another little half-grin as she retorts with a bit of sarcasm, "A good thing to know, then. I won't have to use a pool cue to beat the other women away."

Neyuni wrinkles her nose in agreement, babies. At least human ones. All that mothering instinct and stuff she'll leave to her dragon. "Firelizards aren't quite as bad, at least they grow up quicker and are trainable…" Hmm "Sorry, Zuhth's rider here, via Igen but it's been turns. I'd think I should have adjusted by now. Well, I guess the full introduction would be more properly Neyuni, Gold Zuhth's rider and junior weyrwoman of Fort." not that she seems to care for titles all that much "But Yuni is fine, really."

B'ky ducks his head, smiling faintly and promising Neyuni, "He won't." And Avideth also turns to regard the three over there, dipping his head toward the goldrider and rumbling gently before he quite pointedly tucks his legs under him and settles in the snow. Good dragon. Yep. B'ky chuckles softly, and gives Milo a bit of a sheepish look, "Hm, I'm afraid I didn't." Because apparently he had to stop Avideth from going and scratching the surface of the frozen lake. There's another quiet chuckle at Ely's comment about the broom, B'ky saying softly, "No, I imagine not," and shaking his head at Avideth.

"Oh, hey, that /reminds/ me, Ely," Milo says, snapping his fingers. Then he leans toward her and whispers into her ear. He leans back again. "I'm in complete agreement. Nooooo babies. I'd make a terrible father right now." Neyuni's introduction of herself gets an embarrassed sounding chuckle. "Oh. Well, well met, junior Weyrwoman. Uh… sorry I didn't recognize you." He gives a little wave. "I'm just here visiting my sister, Wyndrei. The new senior apprentice dragonhealer." He glances at Ely. "I might stay for a while, though." To B'ky, Milo says, "Well, there's always the dragon games. Blues always do so well in the speed and agility in those contests. I bet Avideth will do nicely, if he wants to compete."

Milo whispers, "Are you on the greenstuff? Because I'm on the redstuff, but you can never be too careful."

Elyciana places a hand on her own fire lizard, which is only noticeable as a small brown shadow beneath her hair, "Trainable flying stomachs." She drops her hand back to her lap and purses her lips thoughtfully for a moment before admitting with a sheepish sort of look, "Well. They're endearing trainable flying stomachs, atleast. Just about as cute as gots." And that has to be saying something coming from Ely. Knitting her fingers together, she leans forward and rests her elbows on her knees, offering up a greeting to Neyuni, "Ely. I take care of goats." And the look in her eyes is enough to hopefully deter anyone laughing at her for that statement. There's al ot of intensity in those mismatched eyes. "In more professional terms, I'm a Beastcrafter. Apprentice." She makes a face at the last part and trails off, leaning to one side slightly to hear Milo's whisper. She quirks an eyebrow at him and offers up a brief nod and a half-smirk in response, before adding aloud, "Babies. Yes. I take care of eonugh goat babies in my life right now." Rubbing her haands together, she casts a glance over at the blue and then muses thoughtfully, "Ice brooms for dragons. That'd certainly be interestign to see, really. Though they might end up having to be rescued from the bottom o the lake in the Search and Rescue bit tomorrow."

Neyuni does note that Avideth so kindly tucks himself in the snow and not on the lake ice at that. "Thankyou Avideth," she calls loudly and then again, not so loudly to B'ky "Thank you B'ky. The lat thing I need is another headache fixing up some other part of the events here. Oi. I've actually had to really work these last few days." not the most shining example of a junior perhaps she waves a hand dismissively for Milo's concern. "No worries, and welcome to Fort. So… you're Wyndrei's brother." stating the obvious in a way that its information being filed away for future use. "There's always plenty to do. Are you apprenticed too?"

B'ky wanders closer to the three while Avideth continues to sit on the shore like a good dragon and watch them curiously. The blue gives a quiet croon to Neyuni. Why, he would /never/ do something so inconsiderate as scratch the lake! Nope, not ever. Ahem. B'ky does look somewhat sympathetic, nodding faintly to Neyuni and offering, "If there's anything I can help with, let me know?" He's B'ky. He can't /not/ offer to help. There's another nod for Milo, although B'ky sighsquietly and says, "Ah.. I don't think we will be competing, unfortunately." Avideth whuffs at his rider, and B'ky grimaces just slightly. Hrm. Maybe /somebody/ thinks he /should/ be competing. B'ky smiles slightly to Elyciana, "Hm, about as odd asa dragon snowball fight, I imagine." Avideth peeers at all of them. Whatever commentary he's making, though, his rider isn't sharing.

Milo grins at Ely when she nods. "Oh, good," he says to her. "That takes a load off my mind." He snickers at the thought of dragons with ice brooms. "I should totally draw that picture," he says. "Uh," he says, looking at Neyuni. "Um, no. I'm not an apprentice. Everyone keeps telling me I need to go to Harper Hall 'cause I can draw and stuff. But I don't know. Maybe." He glances at Ely again. "I kind of like it here. I figure when I reach my 18th birthday if I haven't figured out what I want to do with my life, I will go to Harper Hall. But for now… I don't mind washing dishes and laundry. And I sell some of my portraits and things, too." He looks at B'ky, and then at Avideth, and back again. "Oh, well. Maybe next time," he says, trying to sound nice and sympathetic.

Really, why does K'shan keep going out into the cold? Bundled up yet again, the greenrider heads down towards the lake, this time with Nawyth in tow. The green seems quite pleased to be out and about, however, prancing just a bit now and again. Although once she notices Avideth, the green croons, promptly abandoning her rider to head in that direction. Shaking his head, Kash continues onward, frowning just a tad at the grouping still there. But he moves in anyway, brows faintly lifting in curiosity.

Elyciana tucks her arms close to herself to keep them away from the cold as she eyes the frozen lake skepticall for a moment, "Well. Atleast no one fel lthrough the ice this time. That wouldn't be the best thing to do to welcome Ista. Dump them all in the lake." A corner of her lip twitches a little as a smirk threatens to appear, but she manages to avoid it while adding, "Of course .. being from Ista .. just being out here in the winter probably feels like they've fallen into a frozen lake." And she's unable to hold in a chortle at that, causing her brown fire lizard to squeak in distress at the sudden shaking motion. She sucks in a deep breath to try to forestall her laughing and lifts a hand free to settle Rom on her shoulder. "If he starts a snowball fight," she begins, eyeing the blue, as well as B'ky, warily, "I'm out of it. We'd all end up uner an avalanche and I'd really be a snow sculpture, rather than just the model for one." She lets out her breath in a puff and sidelong glances at Milo, a half-grin appearing on her face, "Maybe I can think of a good gift for your 18th turnday that'll convince you to stay? You do get a lot of art practice here, regardless." And she pauses a little, looking thoughtful, "And you get to menace Pralius with forks, too. That's always a plus." She smirks a little at that.

Neyuni's smile fades as her gaze goes distant. another sigh and it seems she must excuse herself. "Seems duty calls… again. I hope you all enjoy the festivities and stay on… even longer." she gives an odd look towards B'ky, as if suspicious of something but it remains unsaid and she carefully stands and ensures circulation for the most part in most limbs before moving off with little puffs in the cold air.

B'ky stops a little ways from the group, grimacing a somewhat more now and finally turning back to frown at Avideth. Avideth, however, is suddenly distracted from his people-watching by the arrival of a certain lady dragon. He'll croon at her, all gentlemanly-like, and rise to wander closer, to her and the people. B'ky tilts his head, glancing back at Milo, commenting, "Hmm, I suppose that might be a rather interesting drawing." Just as long as Avideth isn't on the lake, he seems fine with the idea. Speaking of Avideth, he's wandering closer now. There's a faint smile when B'ky notices K'shan, and he'll nod his head in greeting to the greenrider. Ely gets a raised eyebrow then, "Ah, he promises he won't e throwing now here." B'ky returns Neyuni's odd look with an innocent one of his own, nodding in farewell to her.

"Oh, hey, K'shan!" Milo says. "I got that picture of Nawyth done. It's in my room, but I can get it to you later." He beams. "You can pay on delivery, all right?" He sticks his tongue out at Ely, though not for long. "Hey, now. That was scary. Wyn was /blue/ you should have seen it. I just about had a heart attack when I saw her." He shivers, though more at the memory than at the cold. His clothes are really quite warm, and the large blanket-bundle on his lap helps. He does grin slyly at Ely, though. "Oh?" he asks, his voice curious and slow. "What kind of gift did you have in mind?" There's a beat and he says, "Because I really want a sled!" And then he cracks up, until the goldrider makes her excuses. "Oh, okay. Goodbye, Neyuni!" He waves a little as she goes. "I'll draw that," Milo tells B'ky. "Just for fun."

K'shan tilts his head just a bit, although he returns B'ky's nod with a faint one of his own as he comes to a stop. "Still out here in the cold.. Honestly, if any of you end up in the infirmary I'm /not/ taking care of you." He'll refuse! There's a small sniff given though, his nose a bit red from the chill in the air. Nawyth just seems quite happy with the gentleman that is Avideth. Kash does peer at Milo though, nodding slowly. "Oh yes, that.. Any time is fine, really."

Elyciana manages to lift a hand slightly to offer a wave at the departing Neyuni's back before quickly tucking it back into her pockets for extra warmth. It's only then that she notices that another rider has arrived and, rather than exposing her hand to the cold again, she merely offers a, "Come to join the cold, then?" towards K'shan. The reminder of Wyn's disaster has her shivering as well, subconsciously burrowing a little closer into her coat and more towards Milo, "I know. That's one thing that not even Istans should experience, even if they did beat us at ice brooms." She twists a little to lean in and offer up a kiss to Milo on his cheek along with a little half-grin, "We're lucky, then, that Wyn didn't freeze and you didn't die of a heart attack on the spot. That'd be a horrible waste." That grin transforms into one of her usual smirks as she lets out a soft laugh and aims another playful elbow at his side, "Fine then! I'll get you a sled. You'll have to wonder forever what I was /really/ going to get you." One of those mischievous grins flickers on her face before her attention turns to B'ky and Avideth, but more the latter, "Well. He seems like a fairly well behaved dragon. I think I can trust him not to dump me in a bank of snow. He didn't scratch up the ice, afterall. Impeccable gentleman, of course." She pauses, slightly amused," Or gentledragon, whichever."

"Hm, I'd like to see it, if you do draw it," B'ky tells Milo, smiling slightly, "I imagine it would be rather.. mm, whimsical." THe blueie does have a slightly silly side, after all. But he sighs quietly, "I hadn't intended to be," in reply to K'shan about being out in the cold, and then the bluerider turns and glances back at Avideth, brows drawing together just slightly as the dragon continues to approach, stretching his neck out toward the small gathering of people before settling down in the snow. "He wanted to play the game one the ice," mumbled in explanation. Right, B'ky is still standing out here because of his dragon. There's a softer smile from B'ky, though, as he chuckles, "Hmm, gentledragon?" And a glance at Avideth before B'ky says thoughtfully, "Mm, he can be." B'ky glances back, somewhat distractedly at Avideth.

"Tomorrow," Milo says to K'shan. "I'll make sure to find you. Unless you and your lovely green fly away, of course, and then I'll just… uh, have it delivered to your weyr, I guess." He leans into Ely's kiss on his cheek with a little smile. "Aw," he says, all teasing-like. "You really /do/ like me." He laughs as Ely elbows him again. "Wait, wait," he says. "Why can't you get me a sled /and/ the other thing? I promise to get you two presents for your birthday, too." He nods again at B'ky. "Sure thing, sir." He, too, turns to watch the dragons. "I wonder what they're saying," he says, half to himself.

K'shan frowns ever so slightly. "Nawyth wanted to go for a walk." And telling the rather energetic green /no/ is a rather difficult thing to do. Though at the moment, Nawyth seems rather interested in Avideth's tail, since he's busy sticking his head into crowds. "Nawyth, /don't/." There's a sigh then, and the healer glances quickly at B'ky. "Nobody ever intends to get pneumonia." He tucks his hands a bit deeper into the pockets of his jacket, nodding lightly at Milo. "I highly doubt we'll be going off someplace. There's really no rush."

Elyciana leans a little to one side in order to have a better view of Avideth, considering the fact the blue continues to creep ever closer to the tiny knot of people - any closer and it might be even more difficult to see the whole lot of him from her position. "Well," she ventures to B'ky, one of those smirks creeping over her features again, "Perhaps he can get all his dragon friends over and have some ice skating once the festivities are over. I don't reckon there'llb e much use for the ice after that … except for informal ice broom games." She straightens up slightly, straightening a bit as she adds in a lofty tone, "Which I plan to /bet/ on, not play. I don't fancy becoming an Ely-cicle." Another shiver runs through her body at the mere thought of that and she hunches her shoulders once more. Stamping her feet against the ground to try to keep some warmth in them, she casts a sidelong glance at Milo, her smirk growing into a bit of a grin, "Like you? Really? Whatever gave you that idea? Perhaps it's all the kissing I've been doing." And perhaps to punctuate that, she leans in and plants another peck on his cheek, "You'll have to wait til your turnday for the other gift, I imagine. And you'll have to give me two, as well, or I might find that sketchbook of yours and .." She mimes tearing pages out with an amused, yet sarcastic look. She trails off and eyes K'shan for a moment, a brow lifting, "A walk in the cold? Not a very … nice time for walking."

"They.." B'ky pauses. One thin eyebrow arches upward, glancing first at Milo, then at Nawyth. Avideth is not paying attention to what his tail is doing, alas, even if it does flick faintly. And, honestly, he's no longer quite paying attention to the green, either. The bluerider looks faintly surprised, but Avideth is much less polite all of a sudden, and he gets up again, nudging his rider aside before sticking his nose right into the group of people to whuffle at Milodann. "Ah," B'ky blinks, "He has something he… alright Avi, one moment." Well. No wonder B'ky is still out here. And he's going to rummage in a pocket for a moment, with a quiet sigh. B'ky does smile slightly to K'shan, "I imagine they don't." Although tje bluerider is giving Avideth a look now, but is Avideth listening? Nope. And out ofa pocket comes a white knot, B'ky giving Ely a faintly amused look before turning to Milo with a quiet sigh, "He would like to ask you," another look at Avideth has the blue backing off a little, "..if you would stand for the clatch currently on the hatching sands." B'ky /could/ sound more enthusiastic about this, but he's cold, and he has a dragon nagging him in his head. Sigh.

"All right," Milo nods to K'shan. He looks at Ely and bursts out laughing. "An Ely-cicle?" he asks her. "Oh, woman. You have no idea the thoughts that pop into my head." He gives her a white-hot look. "I'll tell you later, though." He accepts the kiss to his cheek with good humor and chuckles. "I don't mind the kissing, I don't mind it at all." And then, he falls backward off of his seat when a dragon sticks his face RIGHT THERE! Luckily, there's snow to cushion the fall, and it wasn't a very long drop, any way. Lucy is unharmed, and her happy chirp indicates that she might even have enjoyed that ride. Milo props himself up on his elbows and looks between his up-raised feet, which are still propped on his former seat, at the dragon whuffling him. Once the blue backs off and his rider finally says what he was getting around to, Milo looks stunned. Flat on his behind, and stunned… and suddenly ecstatic. "What?" he breathes out. "Stand? For the clutch? For a dragon? /Me/?" He drops his feet to the ground and rolls to an awkward stand and puts his hand out for the knot. "Oh, /wow/. Yes! Wow!" He actually jumps up and down a couple of times in his excitement. "Ely! Ely! They want me to stand for the clutch! To maybe impress! A /dragon/!"

Well! Nawyth just doesn't like to be ignored. Even if Avideth is doing important searching things. There's a puff of air from the green, before she wiggles in the snow a bit and /pounces/ on the blue's tail. Ha HA! K'shan just groans a little, covering his face with a hand. "Nawyth, not /now/." Really now, no sense of propriety at all.

Elyciana tucks her hands further into the folds of her coat, aiming another slight smirk in Milo's direction, "How did I know you'd think of an Ely-cicle in that way? You often do have a one-track mind." Not that she either complains about this or anything, all things considering. Shuffling her feet in the snow a bit, she looks about to say something further when the sudden arrival of a blue dragon's head, as well as a white knot passing within inches of her nose causes her to stop short of whatever she was going to say. Instead, her mismatched eyes follow that knot to her boyfriend, who now seems to be flat out on the ground, as well. It takes her a moment or two of surprise to recover from the shock of it all before the excitement of it leaks into her too and she breaks into a bit of a half-grin, "Well! I can't be all that wrong for liking you, too. The dragons do as well." Pushing herself to her feet, she crosses a few steps to try to catch Milo mid-bounce to give him a congratulatory kiss, atleast. Sticking her hands deep in her pockets, she can't seem to help but chortle and add, "I won't need to bribe you to stay longer, then! You're stuck here until the hatching atleast." All this time she's completely focused on Milo and B'ky that when K'shan's green pounces, she gives a little start and stumbles backwards a few steps. "Shards," she manages, blinking once at Nawyth, "She likes … tails?"

Kyldar's attention is drawn toward the man jumping excitedly in the snow. "Gonna stand, eh?" she says. "Expect the experience of a lifetime," she says. "It's completely different, close up and happening to /you/." She adjusts her coat, sinking a little into it against the cold. "Oh, where are my manners? I was hoping to catch some of Fort's Winter Games but I seem to have missed most of the days activities. Pity. Anyway, Western's duties and all that. I'm greenrider Kyldar of Archipelago wing at Western." To Milo in particular: "So, where are they carting you off to?"

B'ky smiles quietly, attempting not to look too amused at Milo getting.. whuffled to the ground. Cough. "Yes," the wingleader answers, "Avideth was rather clear about you." It just took ages to get it out of him, heh. But B'ky does not immediately hand over the white knot, hesitating a moment and glancing almost apologetically at Ely, and then the man closes his eyes with a faintly unhappy sigh, and the when he opens them, grey eyes focus on Milo, "Accepting the white knot means many things. One of them, unfortunately, is that your life as you know it will be.. put on hold. If you impress, that will include.." he hesitates a moment, "..relationships." Warning delivered, B'ky hands over the knot with a warm smile. And, now that Avideth's gotten a yes out of Milo, the blue seems satisfied - that is, until his tail is being pounced! There's a rather undignified squawk-like sound from the blue, draconic face seeming utterly startled. He'll try to wiggle away without throwing up too much snow, and then, well, two can play at this game! The blue curls around, attempting to nab the green's tail in return, though he's not nearly big enough to do so with ease, and anyway, he's still being tail-pounced. B'ky is giving a polite, if distracted nod to Kyldar, "Fort's dut-" and then he blinks, turning to stare at the dragons, and then at K'shan. That pink on the bluerider's cheeks could just be from the cold. Ahem. "Ah, I rather wish you would do that sometimes," he mutters to the greenrider, before he's turning back very quickly nod a, "Congratulations, again, I suppose," to Milo. Heh.

Milo notes the pouncing of the tail from the corner of his eye and laughs at it, but he's mostly too swept up in his excitement. And speaking of sweeping. He grabs Ely in his arms and lifts her a few inches off the ground and twirls her around when she tries to kiss him. "Bribe me?" he asks her, laughing, once he sets her down again. "Hah! As if you'd need to." He kisses her again, and then… stops, pulls back, and looks at B'ky. "Uh… oh. Hm. Um. Are… Candidates allowed to have sex at this Weyr?" He's got a very, very hopeful look on his face. He turns around to look at Kyldar. "Oh, hello," he says. "I'm Milo. And… I guess, uh, the barracks. The Candidate barracks." He beams. "Wow. I'm a /Candidate/," he says, and looks at the knot admiringly. He pins it on, right then and there. "Yeah! Experience of a lifetime! Wow! I should write home! Wyndrei is going to flip out!" Apparently, he can't stap talking with exclamation points at the end of his sentences. But then B'ky answers his question, and his happy grin fades somewhat. In fact, it fades a lot. "All right. "But just until the hatching right?" He glances at Ely. "That's not so long." He pauses and grins shyly at her. "I hope you wait for me?"

K'shan just looks a tad embarrassed by his dragon's behavior. "It's not that she likes..tails. She doesn't like being ignored." And hey, apparently the tail-jumping is fun! It at least gets a good reaction. The green trills a bit, and then promptly dashes off through the snow a bit, loping off quite happily. K'shan though does blink at B'ky, giving the bluerider a rather..blank look, despite the slight coloring in his face. "I do hope you're not insinuating that you'd like me to jump on your ass, B'ky." Indeed, there's a bit of a raised brow there. Noooot likely to be happening. He clears his throat then, quietly, offering Kyldar a soft "Fort's duties.."

Kyldar says, "Actually, if you Impress a dragon, most of your energy will be going into taking care of the young dragonet for the first several months of its life. But believe me, it's well worth it. /Well/ worth it." To the others: "Um, is this a bad moment in general here?"

Elyciana lets out a surprised squeaking noise as she's bodily lifted from the groun and swunga round. By the time she's plopped back onto her feet, she's actually laughing and clutching at her sides. It takes her a moment or two to actually catch her breath enough to answer anything at all, "But still! Bribing can be fun, even if it's not required." And that's pretty much cut off as she's kissed again, which sets her to laughing even more. Well, for a bit atleast. As soon as B'ky's mention of relationships ending sinks in, the laughing surely dies down a bit. And then it's gone completely as it's replaced by a rather obvious frown, "Well. That puts a damper on things." She rubs absently at her arms, glancing between Milo and B'ky and then that obvious white candidate's knot that's glaringly obvious now. "It'll be even longer if you Impress," she does point out with a wry sort of half-grin, "Weyrlings aren't allowed to have relationships for over a turn after the hatching." Still, she shuffles in the snow a bit, heaving a slow sigh. But some sort of happy expression does reappear and she leans forward to place another kiss on Milo's lips, "I'll wait, of course. You think I'm going to run off with someone else in the space of candidacy because of this? I'm happy for you anyhow." She lets out a derisive snort at that and shakes her head. Her eyes travel off and go back to glancing at K'shan's green and her antics. That's something else to watch for now. She finally seems to notice Kyldar, too, and she blinks, "I suppose it's worth it, I'm sure."

B'ky smiles slightly, but he has to shake his head, saying simply to Milo, "No sex, and no nudity outside of the bathing caverns." And then he sighs, nodding in agreement with Elyciana, "If you impress, then until your dragon is old enough to understand sugh things." Although B'ky has to chuckle a little at the enthusiasm there. He manages another "Fort's duties," to Kyldar, nodding again in agreement with what she says. As for Avideth, well, he is no longer ignoring Nawyth /now/, and he'll follow right after the green. B'ky is then the one blinking and turning back to K'shan, "What?" Right, he's just going to pinch the bridhge of his now, face getting even pinker, "No, K'shan, that's not what I meant." He doesn't go on to explain what he did mean, however, shaking his head, and then turning back to Milo, "You should move your things into the candidate barracks and pick a cot."

Milo chuckles a bit at the by-play between K'shan and B'ky, but doesn't add anything. He looks up at Kyldar and smiles. "Yes, ma'am. I'm weyrbred. Eastern. My older brother M'el impressed a bronze. I'm kind of familiar with how it goes, just… I've heard different Weyrs have different rules, is all. I guess I'll learn the rules here real quick!" Then he nods enthusiastically. "Oh, yes, ma'am. Definitely worth it!" Everyone is ma'am and sir, from now on, apparently. He sends a lingering warm look at Ely. "I wouldn't blame you one bit if you did run off," he says. "It's a lot to ask. And even more to ask if I /do/ Impress." He pauses, just looking at her. "You're pretty great," he says quietly, and with feeling. Milo nods at B'ky. "Yeah. I'll move, uh…" he pauses and sighs, and gives Ely a long, wistful look. "I'll move tonight, sir." He steps toward Ely, and says. "Forgive me, sir. I just have to give her one last kiss. So she'll have a reason to wait." And with that, he grabs her shoulders and dips her, and kisses her like there's no tomorrow. Only once he's convinced that she'll have something to keep her warm tonight, and for all the long, lonely nights to come, does he set her upright, again. He clears his throat, discreetly adjusts the fit of his trousers, and starts toward the caverns. "I'll get my stuff right now!" he says.