Traditionally, dragonriders were separated into 'fighting' wings to take on Thread when it fell. The dragonriders of old used to be placed into various wings (with the wingleaders recommendations) by strength, stamina, agility, and flaming power. Now, with Thread gone, the only reason to keep the 'wing' system intact is to divide the tasks of daily life to each individual dragonrider. The wings are named now instead of being called after the wingleader in charge. They have become a foundation for economic survival. Dragonriders will usually show interest in one of the wings, realizing that with wing choice their duties will be outlined for them. Wingleaders still provide recommendations and approvals into their wings.

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Phoenix Wing - Leadership Wing

The Phoenix Wing is responsible for diplomatic relations, general weyr maintenance and upkeep, personnel, as well as coordinating the activities involved in clutches, candidacy and Hatchings. This wing also oversees and organizes the ground activities in an emergency.

Senior Weyrwoman: Dtirae - Gold Zuvaleyuth
Junior Weyrwoman: Inri - Gold Kouzevelth
Weyrleader: Th'ero - Bronze Velokraeth
Weyrsecond: D'ani - Bronze Dremkoth

Roc Wing - Transport Wing

The duties of the Roc Wing are to transport goods and people for the Weyr and nearby holds. They are often called on to move those things which are time-sensitive, or to transport people from one place to another. It is this wing that is on call to the Harper and Healer Halls, as well as Fort Hold, should anyone need to go anywhere.

Wingleader: Gr'ant (NPC) - Bronze Nagmiath
Wingsecond: A'deo - Blue Xaventh

Thunderbird Wing - Emergency Response

The emergency response wing is responsible for investigating crimes, searching for accused and/or escaped persons and the security of the Weyr, which they coordinate with the guard contingent. They are expected to attend regular weapons training and conduct regular sweeps of the surrounding areas. Also it deals with all manner of rescue work, from avalanches, blizzards, finding lost people and firefighting.

Wingleader: Nishka (NPC) - Brown Azath
Wingsecond: Abigail - Brown Niumdreoth

Simurgh Wing - Crafter Wing

It is the craft wing. Riders who wish to continue undertaking their former crafts find themselves in this wing, contributing to the Weyr's economy in that respect. Craft riders usually (but not limited to) contribute in two ways. The first is that they participate in Hall contracted projects, earning themselves a commission based on the agreement set. The second is that a craft rider will produce goods and services, in which case they are responsible for providing the Weyr with a 'duty tax'. This duty tax is often in the form of a portion of completed goods, hours served, or a percentage of marks. Many riders still pursue promotion within the official Halls of their ordained Crafts, reaching the limit of their abilities as dragon riders (Sr. Journeymen).

This wing is currently PC. For an extended duration, craft riders were left to their own devices, but as the wing has expanded, it is necessary to charge someone as the Wingleader. The Wingleader of Simurgh would be in charge of ensuring craft riders are contributing, how much they re contributing, and sorting out the duty tax and keeping tabs on 'Hall' contracts in which craft riders enter into.

Wingleader: Ely - Green Maglinoth
Wingsecond: P'rius - Blue Zhieth

Coatyl Wing - Weyrling Wing

The Coatyl Wing is the Weyrling training wing. Weyrlings and Weyrlingmaster staff belong to this wing. They are also expected to assist in the ground activities during an emergency.

Weyrlingmaster: M'icha - Blue Aycheth
AWLMs: Miki - Green Sohnyuoth
A'lin - Brown Njordeth