Tanglewood Downs Hold (Minor)
Coming Soon
Leadership Lord Klevan, Lady Yasvynna
Steward Weldon
Heir(s) None
Affiliation Ruatha Hold
Imports Various Goods
Exports Various Hardwoods
Political Status Very Good

Tanglewood Downs is in a hilly area north of Ruatha and was named for the tangled appearance of two trees that continue to grow there. They are not as involved in politics as some other Holds are — in general, Lord Klevan has a 'live and let live' philosophy about such things and tends to keep his nose out of the stickier business that other Holders might have to deal with. While others might view it as weakness, it's more a sense of honesty about things. During the difficulties Fort's had with other Holders, they have maintained their loyalties and have not reduced their trade.