The following is some of the collected history that's happened on-camera at Fort Weyr.

Dates are in MM/DD/YY format when specific dates are known.
~ indicates an approximate date.

~ 3/14 - Ista and Fort revive the Weyr Games, with Ista hosting the summer games. Fort participates.

~ 2/14 - Fort is struck by a serious early spring snow storm, snowing the weyr in for at least a sevenday.

10/18/13 - Kayeth rises, making Nyalle Senior and confirming Th'ero as Weyrleader.

10/12/13 - Dtirae leaves Fort. Goes to the island in Drake's Lake to help with reconstruction after Laris' camps decimated it.

9/30/13 - Nyalle and her gold Kayeth transfer to Fort from High Reaches Weyr.

9/8/13 - Roc wing (transport) makes a grievous error and a prized runner is killed. Breakwater Hold is furious.

7/22/13 - Winter festival!

6/30/13 - Kouzevelth clutches.

6/14/13 - Inri's Kouzevelth rises and is caught by D'ani's Dremkoth.

4/29/13 - Harpers pass judgment on Laris' followers. Many innocents are set free and those found guilty are exiled. Fort's riders fly to assist in the exiling and transporting people back to their original holds. Some orphaned children remain in Fort.

4/6/12 - There is mudwrestling.

3/13/12 - Laris' camp is discovered on an island in Drake's Lake. Fort flies to capture him. Many are killed and injured. Laris is killed by Th'ero's blade, and his followers are rounded up and transported to outside of Fort Weyr for trial.

12/14/12 - Gold Hill Hold is attacked by a small band of Laris' men. The weyr flies to assist. Many are injured and missing, and a man who claims to be Rayathess Stonehaven is discovered.

11/9/12 - Fort's Weyrlings pay a visit to the prosperous Gold Hill Hold.

9/13/12 - Fort takes their Candidates to visit the BEC.

9/6/12 - Fort takes the Candidates to visit the Vinter craft.

7/21/12 - Rumors arrive that Laris might have been sighted in Xanadu. Fort begins to work together with Xanadu to try and locate him and bring him to justice.

04/21/12 - Dtirae's Gold Zuvaleyuth rises and is caught by Velokraeth (Th'ero). This confirms Dtirae as Fort's new Senior and continues Th'ero as Fort's Weyrleader.

04/19/12 - Neyuni steps down as Senior, passing the knot to Dtirae who's gold is presumed to be next to rise.

3/19/2012 - Summer festival!

2/24/12 - Fort provides transport for a meeting between Holders and Harpers with Laris' band of holdless men. Things do not go as planned and there are injuries on both sides. Laris escapes.

2/16/2012 - A clue to the Stonehaven massacre is discovered when a holdless man named Hatskel comes forward, claiming he has information. It is discovered that the attack was led by a holdless man named Laris. Fort sets out to find Laris and his band before they can do more damage.

1/15/2012 - A visit to local cotholds with Th'ero and Dtirae discovered a massacre at Stonehaven Cothold, with all presumed dead except for a 10 turn old boy named Ezra. He was brought to the weyr and Stonehaven was placed under guard. An investigation was begun.

11/18/11 - Zuhth and Velokraeth's clutch hatches (PC).

10/23/11 - Zuhth clutches 8 eggs from her mating with Velokraeth.

10/09/11 - Neyuni's Gold Zuhth rises and is caught by Velokraeth (Th'ero). This set the young and recently graduated Th'ero as Fort's new Weyrleader.

10/05/11 - Melze is knotted as Weyrlingmaster by Neyuni.

09/03/11 - Zuhth and Nasheth's clutch hatches (NPC).

08/27/11 - Zuhth clutches 14 eggs from her mating with Nasheth.

08/25/11 - Elara and Wiyaneth, along with their weyrmates A'rtomus and bronze Nemmenth, return to Fort after some time away. The injured gold still has some difficulties with flying, though she is able to get around the Weyr. Elara resumes administrative duties under Neyuni and provides assistance in the infirmary.

08/13/11 - Neyuni's Zuhth rises and is caught by Nasheth (R'oc). This confirms Neyuni as Senior and returns the volatile R'oc to Weyrleader.

07/23/11 - After months of isolation and apparent illness Galina steps down as Senior, eventually transferring to Ierne Weyrhold to get away from Fort's chill climate. As the only remaining junior with a fertile gold, Neyuni is knotted as the new Senior Weyrwoman.

04/08/11 - Vidyazath and Orieneth's clutch hatches (PC).

03/12/11 - Vidyazath clutches of 12 eggs from her mating with Otieneth.

02/27/11 - R'oo is knotted as Weyrlingmaster.

02/26/11 - Galina's Vidyazath rises and is caught by Otieneth (Mar'ko).

12/2010 - Wingleader Tyr transfers to Ista.

11/2010 - Vidyazath and Otieneth's clutch of 10 eggs hatches (NPC).

10/16/10 - Galina's Vidyazath rises and is caught by bronze Otieneth (Mar'ko). Ambitious and young at less than two turns of age, the gold and Galina are confirmed as the Senior pair with untried Mar'ko as Weyrleader.

~10/10 - Ely is promoted to Simurgh Wingleader, P'rius is promoted to Simurgh Wingsecond, and M'lo is promoted to Weyrsecond.

10/07/10 - Choth is deemed infertile. Kessa steps down as Senior as dragonhealers set to work to find out the cause. The pair eventually transfer to Ierne Weyrhold for further research at the dragonhealer enclave there.

09/22/10 - Weyrlingmaster Meo steps down for unspecified reasons.

09/19/10 - Zhuth and Taozyuth's weyrlings graduate. P'rius and J'oan join Simurgh Wing, R'oo joins Thunderbird Wing, and Galina joins Phoenix Wing.

09/18/10 - Keystone is declared safe for habitation. Weyrwoman Kessa enters into negotiations to purchase the runnerbeasts.

09/10/10 - Roc's Wingleader, blurider B'ky, suffered a heart attack and was forced into an early retirement, shocking much of the Weyr.

~08/10 - Sea Mistress was filled with live cargo - runnerbeasts! Wild and in bad shape, the herd was moved to a temporary holding pen at the abandoned Keystone Hold. Sawgrass Flats has no interest in what they believe are 'plagued' runners. The Healer Hall has yet to complete their investigation and has declared the majority of the Hold off-limits until they're done; only the animal pens, the shoreline and docks are considered 'safe' for purposes of visitation.

~08/10 - Keystone hold is found to be deserted when the riders arrive. No ships in dock, not a soul in sight. There are no bodies and no signs of violence save for the spatters and smears of blood that might have been hastily cleaned. Eventually they locate the Sea Mistress, the missing ship that was supposed to travel to Sawgrass Flats Hold.

08/22/10 - Sawgrass Flats Hold sends Fort Weyr a distress message: a shipment of cargo never arrived from Keystone Hold. They request an investigation as the ship has vanished. The Weyr sends out riders to investigate.

08/01/10 - Zuhth and Taozyuth's clutch hatches (PC). Notable Impressions: Galina and Vidyazath, the first gold to hatch at Fort Weyr in nine Turns.

07/05/10 - Zuhth clutches 8 eggs from her mating with Taozyuth.

~06/10 - Holders use the Weyrleader's bad reputation, poor weather, and Choth's dud egg to their advantage. They claim trade agreements are null and void and lobby for newer ones that are strongly favourable to the Holds. The Weyrleader and his support team rally together in attempts to keep Holders tied to the Weyr without suffering unfair trade contracts.

Mid 2010: Neyuni's Zuhth rises and is caught by bronze Taozyuth (N'shen).

~05/10 - Bad weather hits Fort Weyr. The winter is prolonged, leading to a short growing season. Choth clutches only five eggs. One of these never hatches.

~05/10 - Kessa's Choth rises and is caught by bronze Nasheth (R'oc). The new Weyrleader has a bad reputation and soon enough gets into several brawls.

~04/10 - Fort Weyr and Ista Weyr host the Second Annual Winter/Summer Games. Fort comes out for the second Turn in a row with the Summer Trophy. Ista still steals the Winter Cup after a very heart breaking defeat throughout the whole tournament.

~02/10 - Renegades attack the Amethysts in the Pines Camp, holding children hostage. The leader of the attack wishes to avenge the death of his brother, who was killed when Weyrwoman Kessa had the tunnels raided. In the end most of the renegades are captured with a few of them killed as they resisted. The kids bunk-house was burnt to the ground and the infamous renegade leader Veski (who was not a part of the initial renegade attack on the camp) saved a child from possible harm, fighting another renegade who was killed at the scene. Veski was declared to have died from his wounds later that night. Bodies were *betweened* while the captives were sent to work camps.

01/30/10 - Fort's new Dance Hall opens with a night of celebration, warm cheer, and of course, dancing. A conflict between riders occurred during the festivities, causing a significant disruption that requires Kessa step in and settle things.

01/08/10 - Choth and Garanth's weyrlings graduate.

Late 2009(?) - Neyuni and gold Zuhth transfer to Fort Weyr from Igen Weyr.

11/20/09 - Choth and Garanth's clutch hatches (PC).

10/25-27/09 - Inter-Weyr Winter Games were held at Fort in competition with Ista Weyr. The competition came to a close with a flaming contest and a weyrleader standoff: Ma'kai's Garanth versus X'hil's Kinseth. In the end, Kinseth's flame proved the hotter, with Ista taking home the prize. But with Fort having won the summer games earlier in the year, the two Weyrs came out about even overall.

10/24/09 - Choth clutches 11 eggs from her mating with Garanth.

Mid-Late 2009 - Kessa's Choth rises and is caught by bronze Garanth (Ma'kai).

07/30/09 - Fort Weyr held a gather, the first Connell Festival, in celebration of Fort's founding and in honor of the first weyrleaders (Sean & Sorka Connell).

~06/09 - Electric lights are installed at Fort Weyr. The lounge also undergoes construction, renamed to Shenanigans thereafter.

04/26/09 - Choth and Garanth's clutch of 10 hatches (PC).

~03/2009 - Kessa's Choth rises and is caught by bronze Garanth (Ma'kai). Kessa becomes Fort's Senior Weyrwoman after all her work to restore the Weyr's reputation after the problems with the Renegades.

~02/2009 - Tarish is removed from her position as Senior Weyrwoman by the Weyr Council and the fate of Fort Weyr is left to tradition: the next gold to rise will be Senior.

02/24/09 - Kessa leads a search party into uncovered tunnels to search for evidence of dealing with Renegades and discovers papers written in Tarish's hand.

11/12/08 - Tarish's Seviadith rises first after Elara steps down. Tarish locked herself in her Weyr, leaving the Weyr unbalanced for a time.

08/09/08 - During a tricky rescue operation, gold Wiyaneth breaks her wing. Elara steps down as Senior, knowing it will be a long time before Wiyaneth heals, if she ever fully does.

07/30/08 - Seviadith and Shidenisseth's clutch hatches (PC). Notable Impressions: Kessa and gold Choth.

07/01/08 - Seviadith clutches 9 eggs from her mating with Shidenisseth.

Mid 2008 - Tarish's Seviadith rises and is caught by bronze Shidenisseth (Vi'leko).

11/18/07 - Wiyaneth and Limerith's clutch hatches (PC). Notable Impressions: Tarish and gold Seviadith.

10/20/07 - Wiyaneth clutches 10 eggs from her mating with Limerith. She is especially protective of this clutch.

~09/2007 - Elara's Wiyaneth rises and is caught by bronze Limerith (V'gay).

08/13/07 - Wiyaneth and Raeyth's clutch hatches (NPC).

06/30/07 - Elara's Wiyaneth rises and is caught by bronze Raeyth (X'y). This time, X'y actually takes the Weyrleader knot.

04/28/07 - Weyrleader X'an suffers a heart attack and is forced to "take it easy". Rumors abound that he will have to step down as Weyrleader.

03/24/07 - Sianne and Sakrienth moved to Igen to become the Senior Weyrwoman there.

03/18/07 - Wiyaneth and Izelth's clutch hatches (PC). Notable Impressions: Kadesh and gold Celimoth, V'gay and bronze Limerith.

02/17/07 - Wiyaneth clutches 10 eggs from her mating with Izelth.

Late 2006/Early 2007 - Elara's Wiyaneth rises and is caught by bronze Izelth (X'an).

07/01/06 - Wiyaneth and Izelth's clutch hatches (PC). Notable Impressions: Sianne and gold Sakrienth.

~03/2006 - Elara's Wiyaneth rises and is caught by bronze Izelth (X'an).

02/07/06 - A body was found in the forests outside of Fort Weyr. A renegade was held at the weyr for suspicion of murder.

Late 2005 - Elara's Wiyaneth rises and is caught by bronze Izelth (X'an).

12/12/05 - Wiyaneth and Raeyth's weyrlings graduate and are tapped into their preferred wings. Afterwards a Masquerade Ball was hosted in the Living Caverns, being quite the amusing sight and boasting costumes ranging from a fence post to a bush to a renegade rider to a swap between the Weyrwoman and Weyrleader of clothing and personalities.

11/30/05 - After the double hatching of Calanth and Aelith's eggs at Xanadu Weyr, Casiella and Niva had a falling out. Distraught over the fight (where Casiella challenged Niva for Seniorship) and a dud egg in the clutch, Calanth and her rider arrived at Fort.

11/17/05 - Fort Weyr began construction as new plumbing was put in to place toilets and baths or showers in each weyr.

10/29/05 - During a hunt for tunnelsnakes J'xmi was attacked by a large one. His bronze, Bysoth, attempted to get into the Living Caverns to rescue his rider and got stuck.

10/15/05 - Wiyaneth and Raeyth's clutch of 9 hatches (PC). Notable Impressions: Svandis and gold Ilanith.

10/7/05 - A meeting with Weyrwoman Niva of Xanadu Weyr is held in the Living Cavern. The result: Fort will aid Xanadu by providing grains and other stuffs, in exchange for technology help and tropical fruits.

10/1/05 - The seep is contained and life returns to normal.

9/22/05 - Journeywoman Miner Tellus and her Blue Wher Tesk discovered seep in the kitchens - gasses escaping the mountain. As a result, the kitchens were closed, with all cooking being done in fire pits on the Bowl.

9/12/05 - Wiyaneth clutches 9 eggs from her mating with bronze Raeyth.

8/28/05 - Elara's Wiyaneth rises and is caught by bronze Raeyth (X'y). X'y declined the Weyrleader's knot, leaving X'an still in his position. Some people believe the young Bronzerider was kept from his rightful duties by powerhungry persons, while others believe that it was a good move, as a 14 turn old could certainly not been able to handle the duties of Weyrleader.

Mid 2005 - Elara's Wiyaneth rises and is caught by bronze Izelth (X'an).

03/31/05 - Ararinth and Temocheth's clutch of 12 hatches. Notable Impressions: X'y and bronze Raeyth.

Early 2005 - Kae'rlyn's Ararinth rises and is caught by bronze Temocheth (Y'ric).

Early 2005 - Elara's Wiyaneth rises and is caught by bronze Izelth (X'an).

Late 2004 - Elara's Wiyaneth rises and is caught by Memminith (S'vitaur). Lya's Adlevith rises and is caught by ??? (??).

07/15/04 - Wiyaneth and Larzith's clutch of 13 hatches (PC). Notable Impressions: Lya and gold Adlevith, A'rtomus and bronze Nemmenth, S'vitaur and bronze Memminith.

~04/2004 - Elara's Wiyaneth rises and is caught by bronze Larzith (X'ai). Elara is confirmed as Senior, as Torissa has stepped down.

11/11/03 - Wiyaneth and Anonmyth's clutch hatches (PC).

10/12/03 - Wiyaneth clutches 12 eggs from her mating with Anonmyth.

08/30/03 - Elara's Wiyaneth rises in her maiden flight and is caught by brown Anonmyth (Lyrriva).

04/29/03 - Orianath and Vianth's clutch hatches (PC). Notable Impressions: Elara and gold Wiyaneth.

~02/2003 - Torissa's Orianath rises in her maiden flight and is caught by bronze Vianth (J'rad). It is possible that this was the flight that established Torissa as senior after Darianya.

10/06/02 - Biancath and Koliath's clutch hatches (PC).

~08/2002 - Darianya's Biancath rises and is caught by bronze Koliath (T'ren).

03/17/02 - Biancath and Koliath's clutch of 13 eggs hatches (PC). Notable Impressions: Torissa and gold Orianath.

~01/2002 - Darianya's Biancath rises and is caught by bronze Koliath (T'ren).

Late 2001/Early 2002 - Fort Weyr opens as a PC area, with Darianya, rider of gold Biancath, transferring from Xanadu Weyr to claim the title of Senior Weyrwoman.