It is the craft wing. Riders who wish to continue undertaking their former crafts find themselves in this wing, contributing to the Weyr's economy in that respect. Craft riders usually (but not limited to) contribute in two ways. The first is that they participate in Hall contracted projects, earning themselves a commission based on the agreement set. The second is that a craft rider will produce goods and services, in which case they are responsible for providing the Weyr with a 'duty tax'. This duty tax is often in the form of a portion of completed goods, hours served, or a percentage of marks. Many riders still pursue promotion within the official Halls of their ordained Crafts, reaching the limit of their abilities as dragon riders (Sr. Journeymen).

This wing is currently PC. For an extended duration, craft riders were left to their own devices, but as the wing has expanded, it is necessary to charge someone as the Wingleader. The Wingleader of Simurgh would be in charge of ensuring craft riders are contributing, how much they re contributing, and sorting out the duty tax and keeping tabs on 'Hall' contracts in which craft riders enter into.

Wingleader: Ely - Green Maglinoth
Wingsecond: P'rius - Blue Zhieth

Name Origin: Named for the great bird that sat upon the tree of knowledge, the Simurgh Wing is so named to reflect the diversity of its members' wisdom. Formerly this wing was known as Sapphire Wing.

Wing Badge:
Fort Weyr's diamond-shaped badge is a black fort on a brown background, with a tree symbol set just above the battlements of the fort.


The Simurgh Wing was established by S'vitaur during his time as Fort's Weyrleader to make a niche for riders who wished to continue practicing or studying their crafts after impressing. Once riders have learned to manage juggling their crafts and dragons, and advanced as much as possible in their chosen fields, many move on to put their experience to good use in other wings like Emergency Response.

Aside from bringing in marks to the weyr through their many talents, craftriders and their dragons serve to help non-riding crafters with weyr maintenance and upkeep. Their time to really shine, however, is during emergency situations. During a crisis the crafters wing is called upon to put its cumulative experience to work in returning things to their normal order in a timely fashion. During these times, many rider pairs will temporarily change wings to help where their skills may best serve the weyr's populace.

It is not uncommon to see a craftrider standing on his dragon's head to make a repair that's high and out of reach, or perhaps guiding his lifemate as the dragon clears fallen trees or other types of debris.


Aside from any training received in their chosen trades, the Simurgh wing is called upon twice every sevenday to run standard safety drills such as air rescue and drills to encourage teamwork. These drills also serve to keep the wing unified and create camaraderie amongst its members.

To be sure they are prepared for emergencies, craftriders also receive basic first aid training, learn proper lifting procedures, receive various personal safety lessons, and are required to keep as fit as possible. Thirty minutes of low impact, aerobic exercise daily and weight training three times per sevenday are strongly encouraged for riders, and long distance endurance flights help to keep their dragons fit.

Once every sevenday, many riders take drills with members of other wings to be able to join and assist them with little effort should the need arise.


Injuries to riders and dragons in this wing vary immensely, as each pair applies their individual craft skills in different ways on a daily basis.

As more members of this wing become PC, drill and training sessions may be RPed as well as social gatherings at the Wingleader's weyr, the Tavern, out by the lake or in the surrounding forests.