Stonehaven Cothold
Head of Family Ezra Sr. (deceased), Aleutai (missing)
Heir(s) Anrila (youngest daughter, survivor), Rayathess (eldest son, survivor), Ezra (son, survivor - official heir)
Affiliation Fort
Imports Unknown
Exports Unknown
Political Status N/A
Distances ~5 hours by runner to Fort Weyr / ~4 hours by runner to Fort Hold

Stonehaven was founded when some exploring Minecrafters discovered a vein of copper in the mountains north of Fort Weyr. The small cothold sprang up to mine the vein, with only three buildings built originally and surrounded by a tall stone wall with an iron gate. Only a few miners lived at Stonehaven at a time, with a small support staff. Traditionally a pair of Journeymen would be assigned the post, and a family of cotholders would maintain the household. Despite its remote location, the weather was fair in the summer, and they could grow crops to sustain them through the winter. A nearby box canyon provided shelter for livestock, and the cothold was fairly self-sufficient. They exported copper and from time to time boxes of turquoise the men found while mining.

The tunnels dug back into the cliffs for miles, and as the tunnels were cleared of the copper, the cotholders went in and started to turn it into a part of the hold itself. So former mine shafts became storage rooms, bedrooms, workshops, and the like.

During the autumn and winter months the weather was harsh, though because the cothold was mostly built into the mountains, work could continue. The cothold families moved away, new families moved in, marriages were made, and life continued for hundreds of turns. During that time much copper and turquoise was exported, and the cothold became a sturdy little refuge from the harsh winters, and a pleasant place to live in the summers. The cotholders took on the name Stonehaven to show their pride in what their ancestors had built. Many became quite adept at stonecarving, masonry, and woodcarving, using the sturdy woods that grew in the valley. It was something to do to pass the long winter months when there was no work to be done outside.

However, things were to take a turn one fateful winter's night. Accounts are still varying, but the story that can be agreed upon is the cothold was attacked by a band of holdless people, lead by a man named Laris. The majority of the people of Stonehaven were killed in the resulting raid, only leaving three known people alive - the children of Stonehaven, Rayathess, Ezra and Anrila.

While Rayathess and Anrila were unwillingly taken as part of Laris' band, young Ezra (10 turns old at the time) was rescued and relocated to Fort Weyr, where he was raised as a child of Fort. Damaged but healing, he found solace and a few friends, as well as a new purpose - rebuilding his home when he came of age.

In time, Rayathess and Anrila were able to escape Laris' band, and several turns after they were presumed dead, they arrived in Fort, much to everyone's shock and Ezra's joy. Giving his older brother back the title of Heir, it did not take long for Rayathess to officially give the title to Ezra, and join the Harpers.

Now, Ezra is rebuilding, with plans to open the hold officially on a winter's evening, on the 8th turn anniversary of the cothold's destruction. Rebuilt, and stronger, the Stonehaven badge has taken on the image of a Roc, a giant mythical bird of great power and strength.

People of Stonehaven:

Name Rank Location
Ezra Hold Heir Stonehaven
Gerald (NPC) Woodsman / Handyman Stonehaven
Rayathess Apprentice Harper/Eldest Stonehaven Harper Hall
Anrila Child/Youngest Stonehaven Fort Weyr
Theoric Family Uncle Stonehaven
Available Cook Stonehaven
Available Beastcrafter Stonehaven
Available Resident Stonehaven
Available Much more! Stonehaven