This is a page that reflects the current IC Political Views of Fort Weyr with the other Weyrs and surrounding regions on Pern. In no way should any of this information be taken in an OOC view and if any of the information below is incorrect or out of date (or something is missing that is relative and important!), please do not hesitate to contact Th'ero and Nyalle via @mail on game!

PC Weyrs

Eastern Weyr

Fort Weyr’s relations with Eastern Weyr is reliable. Trading between these two Weyrs tends to occur more so during the colder seasons, when Fort requires fresh food and supplies to augment their dried stores from the local harvests. In the recent past, Fort Weyr welcomed some of Eastern’s newest Weyrlings on a visit north. In the past, one of Fort’s former seniors, Kessa, rider of gold Choth, one lived in Eastern and had stood for an Eastern clutch.

Ierne Weyrhold

Fort Weyr does not have any major trade contracts set up with Ierne Weyrhold and though the relationship is stable despite lack of communication, on the whole it is neutral. Each area tends to keep to itself, with the occasional transport delivery or trade of goods. Like many Weyrs, Fort Weyr’s retired riders tend to drift Ierne’s way.

Ista Weyr

Out of all the Weyrs of Pern, Fort Weyr has a very good alliance and partnership with the island Weyr of Ista. Much of Fort’s trading is done with Ista and many of their Wingriders were once Fortian or Impressed on Fortian grounds. Rumor has it that trade is so good between the Weyrs that Weyrwoman Nyalle was able to negotiate mud to be transferred to Ista for some furs and fabrics, though many think this was just a tall tale to bolster the arrival of the summer Weyr Games in Ista in Turn 2700. In the past, during times of need, such as when Ista had an earthquake, Fort Weyr was the first to respond and the first to provide for the shaken Weyr. The Weyr Games were also held in the past between Ista and Fort, with the island Weyr taking the summer months and Fort the winter and the games helped to foster friendship and competition between the Weyrs.

Half Moon Bay Weyr

Fort Weyr has good and close relations with Half Moon Bay Weyr and, similar to Ista, there is considerable trade between the two since Western’s islands are closest to Fort. There are some family ties between the two locations as well. Fort's Weyrleader, Th'ero, originally Impressed at Half Moon; his weyrmate, Kimmila (also a daughter of former Fort Weyrwoman Elara) did as well. Junior Weyrwoman Inri's dragon has taken to being caught by Half Moon's bronzes.

Xanadu Weyr

In the past, relations between Fort and Xanadu had been poor, though times do change. Gradually relations have improved. A Xanadu bronze sired the clutch which Hatched former Senior Weyrwoman Galina’s gold Vidyazath and former Senior Weyrwoman Neyuni, rider of Gold Zuhth made efforts to mend relations with the southern Weyr by supplying aid to Xanadu during past struggles which including sending food and other supplies as needed. Recently, when Fort Weyr was hunting for the holdless madman Laris and his holdless followers, Xanadu Weyr joined forces with Fort when it was discovered he was in Xanadian territory. With Laris now gone, relations remain good and strong between Fort and Xanadu, with trade established and occasional visits between Candidates and Weyrlings from both Weyrs. Weyrleader Th'ero's son, K'vir, also resides at Xanadu.

NPC Weyrs

Benden Weyr

Fort Weyr’s relations with Benden Weyr is reliable. If Benden needs something of Fort, Fort would be there for them and vice versa. There is considerable amount of trading done between these two Weyrs and the Holds in their respective territories and the relationship between Benden and Fort has been fostered by countless Turns of tradition and history.

High Reaches Weyr

Fort Weyr’s relations with High Reaches is strained at best. In the past, relations were dependable while Senior Weyrwoman Kessa made efforts to foster a respectful relationship between the Weyrs and it remained as such until later in Turn 2699. Reachian Weyrwoman Pandara was becoming increasingly difficult as she allowed her rank to swell her ego and her Weyrleader at the time, R’lor, was no better. Both hold a very strict and traditionalist view and Fort’s Weyrleader, Th’ero, often clashed with the pair. Things came to an even bigger confrontation when their youngest junior, Nyalle, was transferred to Fort Weyr and rather than boost relations, it made them even more brittle than before. Rumors abound as to why Nyalle was transferred and some go as far to say that Th’ero was responsible but in an underhand way by working in secret through High Reaches’ Weyrsecond and Wingleader Mr’az, rider of bronze Zhirazoth (who has also since transferred to Fort).

Igen Weyr

Fort Weyr’s relations with Igen Weyr are stable and some trade is exchanged between them, including negotiations involving livestock from Igen’s Holds. In the past, a number of Igen riders and weyrfolk transferred from the desert Weyr to Fort, though the reasons for such a large group and why the request was approved remains a mystery (much to the chagrin of Fort’s archivists!). One of Fort Weyr’s past Senior Weyrwomen, Neyuni, rider of Gold Zuhth, is now Senior at Igen Weyr.

Telgar Weyr

Relations with Telgar Weyr are neutral. Trade does occur between these two Weyrs, but not very often. There was an incident late in Turn 2698 when a Candidate excursion to Tillek Hold and the Seacraft Hall led to many of Fort’s current Candidates stranded on an iceberg when their ship sank in the ocean. Mercifully, no one was killed or seriously injured, but Telgar Weyr would not allow Fort Weyr Search and Rescue riders to join in the rescue effort. This led to some heated words between Fort’s Weyrleader Th’ero, Weyrsecond D’ani and then Senior Weyrwoman Dtirae, as well as Wingrider Kimmila and Telgar’s Leadership. Since then, little has been spoken between the two Weyrs, unless absolutely necessary.

Holds (Fort Region)

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