The Phoenix Wing as a whole is responsible for diplomatic relations, general Weyr maintenance and upkeep, overseeing personnel, as well as coordinating various activities which include involvement in the clutches, Candidacy and Hatchings. This Wing also oversees and organizes the ground activities in an emergency.

While generally viewed as ‘one’ wing, it is actually comprised of two halves: the Weyrleader’s Wing and the Queen’s Wing, with each having their more specific duties to follow unless there is an emergency.

Name Origin: Named for the ancient mythological bird that represented death and rebirth, rising from the ashes and thereby perpetuating life, Phoenix Wing is the queen's wing and administration wing, continuing the life and cycles of Fort. Formerly this wing was known as Amethyst Wing.

Wing Badge:
Fort Weyr's diamond-shaped badge is a black fort on a brown background, with a flame symbol set just above the battlements of the fort. The flame for the Queen’s Wing is gold, while Weyrleader Wing is reddish-orange.


Phoenix Wing, being the Queen’s Wing and Weyrleader’s, or “Administration”, Wing, has a slightly different format than the other Wings. Generally Phoenix’s duties consist of maintaining “life at home”, making sure that the Weyr continues to run smoothly and effectively. They oversee Weyr maintenance and upkeep, as well as assigning personnel and making sure they are made comfortable.

The Queen’s Wing will often oversee finance and the Weyr’s stores, as was the traditional duties of the Weyrwoman and her juniors and often work closely with the Headwoman and her staff. They also help in diplomatic matters and often attend meetings if the issue concerns the Weyr as a whole, especially if it entails trade agreements. Hatchings also fall under the Queen’s Wing, from the organization of the Candidates and other events from Clutching to the time the Eggs Hatch.
The Weyrleader’s Wing, or Administration Wing, handles similar duties to that of the Queen’s Wing though more on the personnel side. Wing rosters are handled by this wing, including sending Wingriders of the other Wings when they’re needed, negotiating trade, handling transfer requests and so on.

The Weyrleader acts as “Wingleader” in this case, with the Weyrsecond as his first ‘Wingsecond’ (think something like a First Lieutenant) and the second ‘Wingsecond’ like an assistant to both the Weyrsecond and Weyrleader. They, along with any Wingriders posted to Phoenix, work as a team to be sure the Weyr runs smoothly as far as riders are concerned. They are often called on to settle minor diplomatic disputes and disruptions both within the Weyr’s boundaries and out in the surrounding Holds that fall under Fort Weyr’s coverage. As with tradition, the Weyr is bound by the law that they do not interfere with Hold business, but that does not discount them from offering help or standing witness which is often the case when a call goes out for a Phoenix Wingrider to be in attendance.

Phoenix Wing will coordinate ground and air response in time of emergency, usually with Thunderbird Wing. In times like these, the Wing works as an entire whole in order to maximize efficiency.

Phoenix Wing is open to any rider, and since Stonehaven, has developed a mini wing-within-the-wing unofficially known as the “cothold wing”. Founded by Kimmila after the Stonehaven massacre, this mini-wing is formed by volunteer riders from all other wings. These riders take extra duties and sweeps out to the cotholds in Fort’s region, visiting them at least once a month during all seasons and helping with trade, delivery, and anything else an extra pair of hands and dragon strength can help with. These riders are paid a small stipend for their time and effort, though it’s a wing that is made up of riders who want to be out and helping. Some basic duties for the cothold riders are transport and delivery, clearing snow, mending fences, moving livestock, helping with harvests, and things of that nature. They are also trained in diplomacy, and do not help cotholds that do not wish to be helped. Not everyone wants the Weyr that close to their homes.


Formation flying is a strong practice in Phoenix Wing and regularly drilled when there is sufficient downtime or added into the daily routines. The sight of all of Fort Weyr’s Queens and leading bronzes, as well as any Wingrider of rank or position within Phoenix appearing above a location in the same instant and while still in proper formation can provide a stunning display of unity and strength and often a leading tactic in stickier negotiations.

The only exception to this are Queens (and in turn their riders) who have recently clutched and are bound to the Sands. If a goldrider’s queen is brooding over a clutch, she is still expected to attend meetings and in the case of a junior, continue with her training and regular duties IF her lifemate permits her to be away from the Sands. If not, arrangements will be made.

All other Wingriders of Phoenix Wing are also expected to attend regular meetings. Other drills and exercises are etiquette practice and diplomacy training. Knowing all the Weyrs of Pern, their weyrwoman and Wyerleaders is essential, as well as knowing each Weyr’s imports, exports and other useful information. Wingriders will often be tested on their knowledge and the Weyrleaders keep a close eye on individuals for strengths and weaknesses, assigning them tasks that will not land them in situations too strenuous for them to handle.

Computer skills are also necessary but not entirely required. There is more emphasis on the proper use of records and their maintenance, as well as correct research, transcription, mediation and to a certain extend, accounting (though any final say goes to the goldriders or Weyrwoman). All Wingriders are required to participate semi-regularly in training with the other Wings, to at least be familiar with their practices and methodology, which is invaluable in times of emergency and need.

Daily Routines

While it’s hard to say exactly how a day may go for any Phoenix Wing rider, most of the time the days start the same. The Weyrwoman will often meet with her juniors just prior to breakfast, while the Weyrleader meets with his Weyrsecond and Wingleaders at the same time before dismissing them to their appointed duties. The Weyrwoman and Weyrleader will then often meet mid-morning or at lunch if time allows for it.

Only in pressing times or in emergencies will the entire Wing meet as a whole and often with dignitaries from the other Wings or parties involved.


Although uncommon for Phoenix Wingriders to receive injury, it can still occur from time to time. Some examples of possible injuries, both to dragon and rider are:

  • back lacerations from catching dragons (rare)
  • wing strains
  • muscle strain both in rider and dragon
  • sprains, cuts and bruising both in rider and dragon
  • broken bones (rare)
  • serious wounds i.e. deep cuts/slashes from dueling and/or fighting (uncommon)
  • event specific injuries such as burns and smoke inhalation (firefighting), drowning (water rescue), frostbite and hypothermia (winter/snow rescues)

RP Tips

  • Welcoming the tithes and recruiting help in greeting them and/or putting all the goods into stores
  • Weyr clean-up or organization
  • Diplomatic missions to holds, PC or NPC
  • Diplomatic deliveries to other Weyrs (in case the WL/WW or W2 are unavailable)
  • Administrative work: record keeping, research, work in the archives (think clerical)
  • Help resolve minor disputes within the Weyr or outside of it, before they escalate
  • If you’re a member of the cothold wing (contact Kimmila if you’re interested), visiting the cotholds and helping out
  • Assisting the WL, WW or W2 with administrative or diplomatic situations (feel free to page on game if page_ok!)

NPC Roster

Below is a list of NPC dragonriders tied to Phoenix Wing that can be used for RP purposes by any player or can be requested as puppets by any available Staff member. Pages can be created for these NPCs, to help keep details straight and for log purposes for references! *s indicate riders that are also in Kimmila’s cothold wing rotation.

Name Position Dragon
Aiia Wingrider Green Physieth
* Amandla Wingrider Blue Logith
Ch’vas Wingrider Blue Koronormiarth
D’rod Wingrider Green Posth
J’men Wingrider Bronze Tezeveth
* K’dask Wingrider Bronze Ygrezth
K’vi Wingrider Brown Zlicnith
Ll’lyn Wingrider Bronze Soladarth
N’otak Wingrider Bronze Vzamonth
* Perrie Wingrider Brown Fidiazeth
P’on Wingrider Bronze Davarnesonth
S’ny Wingrider Bronze Richterth
Ta’lok Wingrider Brown Vrekath
* Te’zin Wingrider Blue Zvetrith
T’mal Wingrider Brown Kormath
Y’kone Wingrider Blue Zhaunikatnith