Page identifying Fort's leadership and duties!

Fighting Wings

Name Rank Dragon Wing
Th'ero Weyrleader bronze Velokraeth Phoenix
OPEN Weyrsecond Phoenix
M'icha (NPC) Weyrlingmaster blue Aycheth Coatyl
OPEN Wingleader Haast
OPEN Wingleader Thunderbird

Duties in the Fighting Wings



The WLM is responsible for the training of the Weyrlings. He answers to the Weyrleader, but sometimes even the Weyrleader defers to the WLM's expertise in teaching. The WLM has a lot of autonomy in the weyr. As long as Weyrlings are trained well and healthy, the WLM can do much of what he pleases.



Diplomacy & Weyr Administration

Name Rank Dragon
Nyalle Sr. Weyrwoman gold Kayeth
Jajenelja (NPC) Jr. Weyrwoman gold Iaverulth
Inri Jr. Weyrwoman gold Kouzevelth
Kassala Jr. Weyrwoman gold Xerosaeth

Duties of the Weyrwomen

Senior Weyrwoman:
Diplomacy and the running of the lower caverns and the weyr's people. The Senior is a figurehead of the weyr, the face of Fort. She is responsible for most of the trade agreements with holds and other weyrs, as well as tithes. She is the one who oversees the whole of the weyr, and if there are problems that deal with anything other than riders, she is the final say.

Junior Weyrwoman:
The Juniors assist the Weyrwoman, and every Senior is different in what she delegates. Currently, Nyalle delegates much of the paperwork and record keeping (though she still checks over everything before signing off on it) and she encourages Inri to get out into Pern and represent Fort well. Jajenelja mostly stays home.

Name Rank Name Rank
Talica (NPC) Headwoman Zhirayr Steward
OPEN Assistants AND More Assistants

Duties of the Lower Caverns Staff

Headwoman: Oversees the drudges and lower caverns staff, make sure all guest rooms are clean and tidy, keeps records of all the private rooms and who is using them, responsible for the storage records (IE: we're low on corn and feather pillows). Reports to the Weyrwomen. Works in tandem with the Steward. Think hotel general manager/hospitality.

Steward: In charge of the weyr's marks and budget. Pays wages. Meets the tithes and oversees the passage of goods to the Headwoman and the storage caverns. Lots of record keeping. Works in tandem with the Headwoman, and reports to the Weyrwomen. Think of the Steward as a businessman and manager, more on the records side of the managing coin.

Name Rank
Breshir (NPC) Guard Captain
Yurolt Guard Sergeant

Duties of the Guard

See +fowhelp guards for more information!