The dream came true in Turn 2555 - a dream that had started when dragonriders first took the skies to fight Thread on dragon back. Thread was finally eradicated. Pern had been freed from the deadly threat which had fallen from the sky for countless Turns. Dragons and their riders no longer had to risk life and limb to protect the fragile crops and lives they protected. But what would life be like for the dragonriders, with no great enemy to battle and no purpose? The end of Thread left Fort Weyr, the first of all the Weyrs, the most traditional place on the planet, struggling to adapt for survival in this new world.

Fort Weyr was established shortly after the population of Pern was forced to abandon the Southern Continent and find safety from the volcanoes erupting there, a time known to historians as the Second Crossing. The Weyr housed the original eighteen dragon riders and their dragons, as well as the later dragons created by Wind Blossom and those hatched from the clutches of the first queens. Lead by Sean Connell, rider of bronze Carenath, and his wife Sorka Hanrahan-Connell, rider of gold Faranth, these early dragonriders established the training and policies that would become tradition all across Pern and dictate the way of life for every Weyr for centuries.

Fort Weyr was carved into the cliffsides while the great stonecutters were still in use, creating an elegance and splendor unmatched by the Weyrs which were founded later in the Pass and into the early parts of the Interval. The size of the Weyr allowed it to remain prominent even as other Weyrs were established and slowly carved into existence. With the most prestigious Halls and Holds looking to Fort Weyr for protection, the Weyr always had access to the best in the form of tithes and services.

The end of Thread changed everything for Fort Weyr, as the tithe system ended and the Weyr was forced to become self-sufficient. Traditional ways of life were preferred by the riders and weyrfolk, making it difficult for the Weyr to adjust to the many changes the end of Thread brought about. It took nearly a century for the Weyr to throw off the hidebound ways of the Pass and begin embrace the future.