Haast Wing is the joined merger of two of Fort Weyr’s previous Wings: Roc and Simurgh. A joint Transport and Craft Wing, their duties are both separate and yet overlap. With one Wingleader to oversee all of the Wing, there are two Wingseconds for Haast Wing: one for the Transport division and one for the Craft division. Wingriders who are tapped into this wing can choose to either specialize in one division or another or cross train.

Transport entails moving items, often time-sensitive, such as goods, letters and parcels and at times people for the Weyr and nearby Holds. They are often on call for Harper and Healer Hall, as well as Fort Hold. The other half of Haast Wing is the Craft division. Originally known as Simurgh, it was established by S’vitaur during his time as Fort’s Weyrleader to make a nice for riders who wished to continue practicing or studying their Crafts after Impressing and was brought into Haast Wing in Turn 2699 by Weyrleader Th’ero. Any rider who wishes to continue in their Craft do so in this division of Haast Wing, sometimes overseeing certain Transports (i.e. if it’s Healer related or Beastcraft related and needs a Crafter in attendance).

Name Origin:
Named for the giant bird that could lift enormous loads in its talons, the relation to transporting goods is fairly obvious. This wing was originally known as Garnet Wing, and more recently Roc wing before combining with Simurgh and taking on the new name of Haast.

Wing Badge:
Fort Weyr's diamond-shaped badge is a black fort on a brown background. Haast riders have a new symbol combining Roc’s and Simurgh’s old logos. Now, Haast Wing has a simple tree silhouette with a bird flying from one of the branches, set above Fort Weyr’s battlements.


Haast Wing is unique in the sense that it’s two Wings essentially working in harmonized efforts as a whole. While the Wingleader oversees and works with both divisions, the Wingseconds are “in charge” of either Transport or Craft and report as a team to the Wingleader.
Haast Wing’s primary duties concerning Transport include moving various goods, carrying important letters and parcels and even being on call for transporting people in and out of Fort Weyr. They oversee the timing, coordination and tracking of the vast amount of goods that are flow in and out. As such, it’s not uncommon to see many Wingriders of Haast Wing’s Transport division working closely with Phoenix Wingriders in organizing and planning for the Weyr’s needs.

In addition to transporting goods and letters, Haast Wingriders will also be on call for transporting people. Harper and Healer Hall, as well as Fort Hold are usually in contact the most with Haast Wing’s Wingleader and Wingseconds and while any dragon and rider can perform this duty, usually it is on a limited basis. Haast Wingriders are carefully scheduled that a select few are always available in rotating shifts to answer a request for personal transport.

In the Crafter portion of the Wing, things are slightly different. Aside from bringing in marks to the Weyr through their skilled work, Craftiders and their dragons serve to help non-riding Crafters with Weyr maintenance and upkeep. It is not uncommon to see a Craftrider standing on his dragon’s head to make a repair that’s high and out of reach to most, or perhaps guiding his lifemate as the dragon clears fallen trees or other types of debris after storms. They may even assist other non-riding posted Crafters (i.e. a Smithcraft rider will work with posted Smithcrafters) on various projects and assignments when time allows. At times that certain deliveries or transport requests delve into Craft territory, the divisions of Haast Wing will work together, especially when it falls into a Wingriders Craft or specialty. For example, a Beastcrafter rider will oversee the transport of animals, as they’d be more informed and trained in the proper procedures and steps necessary to ensure the safety of both beasts and the dragon(s) doing the transporting.


Haast Wingriders are a breed onto themselves. Usually, Weyrling pairs who show exceptional physical stamina and strength, coupled with organizational skills, punctuality and confidentiality are quietly encouraged into this Wing. Strength and stamina training continues for members of this Wing once they are tapped in.

Wingriders who take on more duties in the Transportation division of the Wing take special oaths of confidentiality to protect the privacy of the packages and letters they deliver. There are also many packages and deliveries that cannot go Between, so special relays have to be set up where it is passed along to reliable dragons along a route. Timetables need to be kept spot on to ensure that, for example, the food for a feast doesn’t arrive late. Team coordination is also drilled extensively.

The Craft division of Haast Wing has additional training for Wingriders in their chosen Craft. When they are not on regular duties or deliveries, they are often visiting their Crafthalls (if applicable) and continuing their education. They also help to contribute to the Weyr’s economy in two common (but not limited to) ways. They can either participate in the Hall contracted projects, earning themselves a commission based on the agreement set. The Second is that a Craftrider will produce goods and services, in which case they are responsible for providing the Weyr with a ‘duty tax’. This ‘duty tax’ is often in the form of a portion of the completed goods, hours served or a percentage of marks.

Many Craftriders still pursue promotion within the official Halls of their ordained Crafts, reaching the limit of their abilities as dragonriders (Sr. Journeyman) however it takes far longer than most non-rider Crafters as any Craftrider must put their duty to the Weyr and their dragon first before that of their Craft.

Daily Routine

Haast Wing’s Wingleader meets with both Wingseconds at the start of everyday, prior to meeting with the Weyrleader for their report. After that, all are dismissed to go about their duties and most Wingriders can find their updated schedules in the Haast Wing Lounge. Depending on the number of transport requests or Craft related duties, a Wingrider’s day in Haast can either be relatively calm or swamped, keeping them on their toes from dawn till dusk (and possibly overnight).


Haast Wing sees a little more in injuries than Phoenix Wing, though through careful training most of these injuries can be avoided. Most injuries to be found in rider and dragon alike are:

  • over straining (common)
  • mental stress from timing (extremely rare; timing is a prohibited method and frowned upon for use in any situation other than a dire, life-threatening emergency)
  • sleep deprivation
  • muscle sprains
  • Any injury commonly associated with the rider’s craft, ie: nasty splinters or being kicked by a runner.

RP Tips

  • Deliveries! Delivery RP can take you anywhere on Pern, so get out there and travel!
  • Craft RP. You could RP working on a project, being hired for a project, or delivering a project
  • Currently, rebuilding the reputation of Fort’s transport wing
  • Making important, sensitive deliveries to other areas, such as legal documents
  • Transporting people around Pern
  • Dealing with injuries like limb sprains and dragon muscle strains, due to the physical nature of Haast’s job

NPC Roster

Below is a list of NPC dragonriders tied to Haast Wing that can be used for RP purposes by any player or can be requested as puppets by any available Staff member. Pages can be created for these NPCs, to help keep details straight and for log purposes for references! *s indicate riders that are also in Kimmila’s cothold wing rotation.

Name Position Divison Dragon Name Position Divison Dragon
Berra Wingrider Transport Green Shyzuth Brilwen Wingrider Craft Green Vetizath
D’iv Wingrider Transport Green Audith C’min Wingrider Craft Green Zuccith
Gr’ant Wingrider Transport Bronze Nagmiath G’bil Wingrider Craft Blue Nebeluth
G’valt Wingrider Transport Brown ?? *H’ster Wingrider Craft Brown Abyssiath
H’lanin Wingrider Transport Brown Eedorth Il’och Wingrider Craft Blue Wepeth
M’hal Wingrider Transport Blue Animuth *Livita Wingrider Craft Green Kazaeth
M’go Wingrider Transport Bronze Tianmauth M’se Wingrider Craft Blue Donskoth
*N’hon Wingrider Transport Bronze Esimath N’vek Wingrider Craft Blue Nimalth
*Sao Wingrider Transport Green Ziasath Py’n Wingrider Craft Blue Zetath
Se'ras Wingrider Transport Brown Zemnenith Rozerna Wingrider Craft Green Flossitath
V’drez Wingrider Transport Blue Zevusanth S’nuk Wingrider Craft Blue Kurilith
X’on Wingrider Transport Green Jiveth Tiye Wingrider Craft Green Naisanith