Gold Hill Hold (Minor)
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Leadership Lady Lleynn (Temp)
Heir(s) Llunva (F)
Former Leadership Lord Unvar and heir Unevyr (M); Exiled
Affiliation Fort Hold
Imports Various Goods
Exports Precious Minerals
Political Status Poor

Gold Hill is located in a valley south of Fort Hold and north of Peyton Hold, strategically situated near (and named for) a vein of precious minerals, with gold being foremost among them. While Unvar is considered a fairly straightforward man, he's also reputed to be of Nabolese stock — cutthroat and vicious when the situation demands it, he is not above cheating a bit by padding shipments with worthless ores and rock. He married Lleynn when she was 16 in a purely political move; the girl was one of the youngest daughters of another hold, whose land then became his when the family fell apart due to internal bickering.

In the early months of Turn 2695…

Gold Hill became a focus point by both Fort Hold and Fort Weyr when the heir, Unevyr's, brisque and rude treatment of a Fortian rider was noted and reported. Following a few meetings afterwards from both Fort Hold's Lord Laric and Weyrleader Th'ero, Lord Unvar and heir Unevyr's continued rude and cold reception and behavior began to set off many warning bells.

Withdrawing most of their patrol coverage, Fort Weyr tried to distance themselves from Gold Hill while Fort Hold tried to talk reason into Lord Unvar for his decision to keep no posted Guards in his Hold. Unvar continued to ignore or outright flaunt his rebelliousness, something that his heir Unevyr echoed when Fort Weyr brought their Weyrlings to the Hold for the routine political visit. It was then that reports came in that Unevyr separated the Weyrlings from their caperone Wingrider (who was also the one Unevyr insulted previously) and attempted to bribe several of them. The ploy failed and relations between the Weyr and Gold Hill dissolved further.

Months passed and the situation in Gold Hill grew more and more suspicious. Harper Hall became involved by sending a 'spy' Journeyman, who in turn reported his grim and unsettling findings to Fort Weyr's Weyrleader and later to the Holds. Unable to find a concrete reason to step in, it wasn't until a few sevendays later that things reached a boiling point.

An alarm was raised, with Peyton Hold being the closest, they reached Gold Hill first as the Weyr mobilized to come to the minor Hold's aid. By then the conflict was well underway. Gold Hill Hold had been attacked from within as some shady deal went awry at the cost of everything. With Peyton Hold's Guards and Fort Weyr's Guards, the attackers were quickly subdued. Thunderbird Wingriders remained on scene to set up a makeshift camp, tending mostly to the injured and helping ship in supplies or transport people in and out of the fallen Hold.

Lord Unvar was found sometime later in a secretive storage room, unconscious and robbed of his possessions. His heir, Unevyr, remains missing and is suspected to have fled towards Southern Boll in an attempt to leave Fort's territory. Lady Lleynn and her daughter Llunva were gone and visiting another Hold when the situation occurred. They have now taken temporary residence in Peyton Hold and wait out the aftermath of Lord Unvar's and Unevyr's shady work.

Later Months of Turn 2695 and Early Months of Turn 2696…

  • Unevyr is tracked and believed to be in Southern Boll Hold. A select group of Guards from Fort Weyr are assembled and sent to track him down. He is found at the warf, attempting to barter passage to the Southern Continent.
  • Captured and arrested, Unevyr is then transported to Fort Hold where he is questioned while in custody
  • Months later, Fort Hold and the Harper Hall hold a trial and Lord Unvar and Lord Unevyr are found guilty for their crimes and are sentenced to exile to an unknown location.
  • Lady Lleynn and her daughter Lady Llunva are given temporary control over Gold Hill Hold, until such time as a suitable husband can be found to marry Llunva.