This page lists planned events at Fort:

Past Events at Fort Weyr

Something is Amiss

When: Ongoing
Where: Fort Weyr, Xanadu Weyr, Western Weyr and surrounding Holds; inter-Weyr and possibly Pern-wide
Who: Everyone

A Turn had almost passed since the Stonehaven incident and the chaotic clash between the holdless camps led by the twisted leader known as Laris. After fleeing from capture, his whereabouts remain and continue to remain a mystery. Patrols continued, ranging as far as Fort's boundaries and back again but none returned any evidence. As time wore on, so did the amount of patrols and both Weyr and Hold became occupied with other pressing matters.

The Weyr was thrown into a brief state of unrest when Neyuni stepped down as Senior and Dtirae's gold Zuvaleyuth rose next to claim the position. Th'ero's bronze Velokraeth caught the young gold, reinstaiting the young Western bronzerider as Weyrleader once more. But things started off rough between the two Leadership pair and many rumors were spread on the true story of what happened. But there was a time when Elara, gold Wiyaneth's rider was also wearing the Senior's knot and it was said she wore it until it was deemed that Dtirae was capable of handling the duties thrust upon her.

Zuvaleyuth clutched and all appeared well. Trades between Xanadu and Western were created and solidified and talks with the other Weyrs were underway. All seemed quiet and good. That is, until…

Unexpected News

When: Ongoing
Where: Fort Weyr Region, Xanadu Weyr
Who: Everyone

It was the wee hours of the morning, still dark and long from dawn when a messenger rode in and when stopped by the guards, demanded to see the Headwoman at once. His message delivered, Talica roused the Weyr Leadership immediately as the news was dire at best.

A girl had gone missing and just not any girl… Laurali, the daugher of the now exiled turncloak Hatskel. Unable to adjust and cope to Weyr life, it was mutually agreed upon (despite reluctance on Weyrleader Th'ero's part) to transfer the girl from Weyr to a hold. Because of her distrust (and dislike) of the Fortian riders, it was left for a caravan and their guards to escort the girl to her new home.

She arrived, but vanished soon afterwards. Reports conflict and the Weyr is left in confusion as to where she could have vanished too and who would want the girl. What's even more puzzling is that the girl wasn't the only person to vanish and it was that that prompted the mysterious cothold to contact the Holds, who contacted the Weyr. It's left a sour taste for many, with some whispering that the Weyrleader was in quite the temper that the plans with Laurali changed without his notice and that there could be cotholds within Fort's region that the Weyr has no idea exist.

Others have begun to gossip too and there's one name on some folks lips: Laris. Could he have something to do with the girl's disappearance? What about the other cotholders? And to what gain? For now there are no questions, but there is a subtle tension in the Weyr now as Thunderbird is mobilized once again into extra patrols and Roc mobilized for extra messages and for transport for guests, mostly Holders coming to and fro every day it seems.