Breakwater Hold (Minor)
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Leadership Lord Tellan, Lady Melyssra
Heir(s) Telyss (M), Telyar (M), Mella (F), Myra (F)
Affiliation Fort Hold
Imports Various Goods
Exports Fish, Wild Game, Hides, Wood
Political Status Very Good

Located northwest of Fort Hold, at the top of the lake, Breakwater Hold is a rather rustic place — which is how it's always been and likely how it will always be. They've made their living for generations by fishing and hunting in the area, though they've recently taken up some forestry to augment their trades.

Tellan is an older man, but the land was originally Melyssra's — she's the one who wears the pants in that particular relationship and, even now, she continues to keep her firm grip on trade matters. She has already arranged for the marriages of all of her children to other cotholders in the area, like as not in a bid to expand their territories. As far as Fort Weyr goes, they continue to trade with them freely, as dragonriders are an invaluable resource for transportation given their relatively remote location.

Breakwater is the childhood home of junior weyrwoman Inri, which is how it's most known amongst the Weyr, though brownrider A'ster hails from there as well.