The range of Fort Weyr's riders was typically vast in days when Thread fell, and it is no different for riders hundreds of Turns later. In fact, in the current timeline, it takes Fort's riders to sweep the landscape twice as long as it did when Thread fell. This is typically due to the population increase, the wealth of forestland, the expansion of farming, and the ability for people to make homesteads farther away from the main Holds than ever before. If ever, dragonriders of Fort now have a greater responsibility as Pern flourishes under a Thread free sky. Beholden areas are categorized into four types: Major Holds, Minor Holds, Cotholds and Craft Halls.

Minor Holds are Pern's equivalent to Earth's towns. With a smaller population, MinorHolds cannot support large industries. They generally have a few major exports and rely on the Major Holds in which they 'look' too for further goods and services and thusly thereafter the Weyr. MinorHolds usually have a minor Lord or minor Lady Holder, who preside over the Holding since it is too large for the Holder of a Major Hold to administrate on top of their own holdings.

Typically on founding a MinorHold, the Lord and Lady have been placed there by the Lord and Lady of the Major Hold, often blood related, after which time the title is passed down to Heirs, like Major Holds. Minor Holds are only founded by permission of the Major Holder, especially in the Northern Continent, where space is limited and any new Holding chews up a chunk of land given to the Major Hold.

Minor Lords and Ladies generally are not asked to attend Conclave, however, they meet regularly with the Major Hold in which they are affiliated with to express their position on concerning topics regarding the Holdings and also on matters that will go to Conclave. Often in matter of politics, the Minor Hold will stand with the Major Hold in which they are affiliated. But it is not unheard of for a Minor Holder to switch affiliations to other Major Holds in the area, though often the move is risky and often invites retribution and retaliation to the Minor Holder in the big game of politics, something that is becoming more prevalent in post-Thread Pern.

There are many and numerous cotholds under Fort Weyr and Fort Hold's regions, spread out in strategic places along the countryside. Most Cotholds are small and run by family and have been passed down from generation to generation. Often the only residents who live in a cothold are all extended family of several generations and branches. They are simple and small holds, producing just enough to support the family and still have a little left for trade or export. They are not as rich and prosperous as their larger counterparts but most cotholds can support themselves easily enough. Those that cannot are usually abandoned and either left to disuse or taken over by another family.

While the cotholds are too numerous to list in entireity, some have in both the past and the present, made enough impact to be noted.

Traditionally Craft Halls looked to the Weyr for protection when Thread fell, but they were always independent of the Weyr or any Hold near a Hall. This rings true in the present day as well. Craft Halls generally seek transport and trade services from the Weyr and look for protection or assistance when need be. The Halls own their own land and never enter into Conclave quarrels if they don't have to. They tend to mind their own business overall.