Fort Weyr - Galleries(#10420RIJ$)
The galleries are carved right out of the rock face, the rows and rows of benches rising high up into the air on a slight slant. Stone and wood benches that used to be known for offering little in the way of comfort, are now padded with cushions in Fort Weyr's colors. Placed along the railing at regular intervals are antique looking baskets filled with cheery fabric flowers. The curving walls sport tapestries in warm vibrant colors that seem to add a dash of color to the otherwise dreary stone. Where the galleries curve slightly at the ends, affording those attending hatchings or clutchings a decent view of the sands, shaded laterns offer warm lighting along the rows of benches.

+sands to see what is on the Sands.
+sands <name> to see objects on the Sands.

People: Demos A'deo

Obvious exits:
Hatching Cavern <HC>

A'deo is having a bad day. Not that any of the days since Lidia's exhausted collapse have been good days for her newly appointed Wingsecond. "Well, yeah…" The Wingsecond concedes to his blue alloud. "The pass of that illness has lessened the paperwork… but can you believe V'narn and his? I mean that's the 3rd time! Am I supposed to report that, do you think?" His face looks worried at such an idea. A'deo speaks quietly but comfortably, being the only one, apart from a couple weyrbrats giggling in the corner… obviously playing hookey from their lessons like A'deo is from work.

Demos isn't necessarily playing hooky insofar as he is fascinated by the eggs on the sands. The young man from Crom simply hasn't had the opportunity to see a clutch on the sands before. He's taking every chance he can get to do so while he's away from the work going on in the tunnels below. This is no exception. Dusky skinned as he is, it's just nowhere near dark enough to keep him from seeming smudged with the fruit of his labors. The apprentice miner looks as if a fine sheet of dust has covered him from head to foot, presently, and after reaching the galleries with a sigh, he proves it. A hand comes up to brush as this clothing, lifting away a moderate cloud.

A'deo goes quiet from his conversation with his blue when the young man comes up the steps. He rakes the dust-covered fellow with his eyes before wrinkling his nose a little. But his dragon's comment makes him frown, his focus skewing a moment as if talking to someone sitting behind him or above him. "You're not going to expect me to start digging in the dirt now, I hope?" His quiet comment is followed by a pause, and then a self satisfied smile. But despite the upturn of his nose from earlier A'deo's too social to let someone close to his age just meander in unspoken to. "Hey there… Someone push you down a hill to get here?" He teases, turning on the charming and amiable grin.

Demos blinks and looks up at the voice, though his broad, stubby fingered hands continue their mission to at least get presentable. "Wish it were that easy," he replies, his deep voice distinctly gravelly sounding. It's the voice of a man much taller and wider than what he is, frankly. "Had to help clear out a section of rock in the tunnels. Made it a mite dirty in there for a bit." Down his hands go to his pants, and then at last he runs them back through his greyish-brownish hair. Oddly enough, despite the dust that flies, it stays that odd color.

A'deo shifts subtly away from the dust clouds, watching them warily despite his genial expression. He gives the miner another once over with his eyes. "Well… I'm sure the hot springs'll be a welcome relief when the day is done then, eh?" But something seems to take his attention away and that same look of speaking to one just out of view returns. "Wha… huh? Oh… I suppose he's got a certain something to him, yes." He remarks quietly but still audiably. "Well, if you like that sort of thing, Xaventh, but you know m-" His auburn brows retract as he frowns a little to himself. After a moment his gaze returns to the miner, a brow raising. "…Right." He finishes, addressing the air once more. "Sorry about that… my Xaventh takes interest in the strangest things. I'm A'deo, by the way…" He doesn't offer a hand… might get dirty.

Demos chuckles, a sound more or less like faint rocks falling somewhere, but smiles. It makes the scars on his face crinkle up, and doesn't do much to improve his looks. Not that he was apparently blessed with many before they happened, of course. "Pleased to meet you. M' name's Demos, of Crom Hold. I'm with the MineCraft folks here." He sighs. "Sorry for the dust." He looks out at the eggs again most curiously. "I like lookin' at 'em," he admits, nodding towards the sands. "Haven't ever seen any at a weyr. Haven't ever been at a weyr before now, though."

A'deo waves his hand airily at the mention of dust. "It happens… Crom? No doubt I've your name on paperwork somewhere. Our wing flew a lot of folks and supplies in. I've not been following much of what's down there, admittedly. Too much paper flying under my nose these days…" But at the mention of the eggs, he peeks at them once more. "I suppose some of us kinda take them for granted these days. Still, when hatchings come along it reminds me of my-" And he's distracted once more. "What?" Another perplexed frown then… "Xaventh would like to know if you dig for, well he said shiney rocks, I think he means gems."

Demos smiles and glances around curiously, looking up high at the ledges to see if the dragon is present. "Ah," he says with a nod. "I'm an Apprentice," he admits. "But diggin' is what I do best. I can find ores, but I've a knack for findin' jewels. Specially veins of 'em." He nods again. "Grandfather's a wherhandler," he admits. "Wouldn't mind bein' one meself. Don't have the steady hands to make jewelry."

A'deo raises his brows a little with an approving nod, but as he opens his mouth to ask something his blue clearly has other questions. "How- er…" A'deo listens with ebbing patience to the dragon who clearly has a long dissertation. "Is there a reason…" he says at last to the dragon with an edge of irritation. "that you are so suddenly facinated with this one?" A long elegant finger pointing from his clasped hands towards Demos. He doesn't bother to keep his voice down now, and the dragon's reply is just as lengthy as his last. But as the silence goes on A'deo's brows furrow once more. "Really?" He looks to the miner again and then back to that same out of sight speaker. "Well… I could ask him I suppose." At last his attention is back fully on the miner. "Xaventh would like to know if you would stand for the clutch." He inclines his head towards the eggs. "Little digging would be involved aside from being able to continue with your own craft work between chores as a candidate, but you would get quite a bit of time with the eggs." Smirk. "And maybe even dragonets, should you find your match."

Demos watches the back and forth with great curiosity. He doesn't seem the least bit surprised at the tone or the conversation regarding himself - he's probably heard a lot worse. What he ultimately gets asked, however, makes him blink in astonishment. He glances at the eggs and then back at A'deo, flabbergasted. "I… s'pose I could?" he replies uncertainly. "I don't know what a dragon might have use of a miner for, but I'll stand out there." He reaches up to scratch his scalp again, the confusion remaining. "Your dragon sure about it bein' me, though?"

A'deo watches with mild amusement on his face at the younger man's reaction. The more the idea is processed it seems the more A'deo agrees with Xaventh's decision. "Well, they tell me a dragon knows… and Xaventh says he's pretty certain. He thinks you'll do well, though I'd be inclined to dump you in the hot springs first." He teases with a grin. "In the long run it's hard to tell who will and who won't… but that's just cause our match isn't always out there… I got lucky with Xaventh… first Stand for me and he was there. But you never know, could be. Well, if that's a yes, I could show you where to move your stuff if you'd like?" There's a delighted warble from the ledges above. "Don't! You'll upset Choth, you silly wherry." Crooooon.

Demos drops his hand to his side, still looking surprised. "Yes, that would be good," he replies in a mild daze of sorts. "I don't know what to tell the Crafters, though. Ain't that many of us already…" He seems to snap out of it a moment after as he breathes in and lets it go, nodding firmly. "So long as I can still help 'em out in the tunnels 'round the work I do, I s'pose it'll be all right." He smiles again faintly. "Where am I sleepin'?"

A'deo nods at this, hopping gracefully to his feet. His wavy amber hair bounces about his grinning face. "Yep… You're still expected to do your craft work along with other assignments. Sometimes it superceeds things also… at least with me it did. Which is nice really. I'd rather play music than scrub kitchens any day. Follow me!" And with that he strolls on over to the stairs and down them.