A Knot for some Klah? August 27, 2012 Eirwyn, Th'ero
Can't Quite Put My Finger On It August 27, 2012 Abigail, Edani, Etzlix, Kimmila, Zapallie
Distracting Ezra August 27, 2012 Ezra, Edani
Better Than Windchimes August 27, 2012 M'lo, Titia
Talking Boys August 28, 2012 Inyri, Zapallie
Mister Sketcher Man August 28, 2012 Fynnigan, Miki
Craft, Duty and Honor August 29, 2012 Fellan, Th'ero
A Moment in the Galleries August 29, 2012 Dtirae, Eirwyn, Inyri
The One That Got Away August 29, 2012 Ezra, Edani
Berry Picking Bullies August 29, 2012 Kazulen, Zapallie
New Goals Ahead August 30, 2012 Mikal, Th'ero
Stay August 30, 2012 Abigail, Borodin, Zapallie
Dangerous Prey August 30, 2012 Dtirae, Edani, Inyri, Kimmila, Th'ero
The Infirm August 31, 2012 Inyri, Khyonai, Zapallie
Toddler Terror August 31, 2012 Abigail, A'di, Edani, Eirwyn Etzlix
Title Date Cast
Where is your sense of adventure? September 01, 2012 Borodin, Etzlix, M'lo, Th'ero
One More Enemy Made September 01, 2012 Fynnigan, Zapallie
Have a Cow Warning: Language September 01, 2012 Edani, Zapallie
A Search Most Obscure September 02, 2012 Abigail, Dtirae, K'drozen, Khyonai, Mikal, Polana, Th'ero, Zapallie
Searching Zaala September 02, 2012 Datsun, M'lo, Zaala
Training Complex Talk September 03, 2012 Abigail, Inyri, Mikal, Zaala
A Trade of Sorts September 03, 2012 Akyla, Kazulen
Please Save my Skull September 03, 2012 M'lo, Th'ero, Zapallie
Lessons or Something September 04, 2012 Ezra, Inyri
Beef: It's Not Just For Dinner Anymore September 04, 2012 Edani, Zapallie
Pastry Swapping September 04, 2012 Fynnigan, Hotaru, Mikal
Sisterly Love September 05, 2012 Chyhi, Dtirae
Short Run-In September 05, 2012 Edani, Ezra, Mikal
Don't Knock It Till You Try It? September 05, 2012 Hotaru, Th'ero
First Date Warning: Adult Themes September 05, 2012 Borodin, Zapallie
(Not So) Brilliant Ideas? September 06, 2012 Miki, Th'ero
Vintner Hall Excursion September 06, 2012 Abigail, Borodin, Edani, Eirwyn, Harmony, Inyri, Kazulen, Kimmila, Th'ero
Abigail's Archery Academy September 07, 2012 Abigail, Borodin, Edani, Eirwyn, Kimmila, Th'ero
A Day of Trading September 08, 2012 Dtirae, Edani, Inyri, Hotaru
Historical Precedence September 08, 2012 Kazulen, Zapallie
Raining Days' Talk at Fort September 09, 2012 Abigail, Eirwyn, Etzlix
Discussion in the Galleries September 10, 2012 Abigail, Harmony, Neyuni
First Introductions Egg Touching September 10, 2012 Abigail, Dtirae, Edani, Etzlix, Fynnigan, Khyonai, Harmony, Th'ero, Zaala
Go Away Little Girl September 11, 2012 Edani, Fynnigan, Kazulen, Khyonai, Inyri, Hotaru, Mikal, Zapallie
Escape to the LC September 11, 2012 Fynnigan, Mikal
Rinse, Repeat September 12, 2012 Abigail, Borodin
In a Lather Warning: Adult Themes September 12, 2012 Borodin, Zapallie
Numbweed September 12, 2012 Fynnigan, Eirwyn
8.5 From The Russian Judge September 13, 2012 Edani, Inyri, Kimmila, Th'ero, Zaala
Talks of Love, Hunting and... Strange Smells? September 13, 2012 Abigail, Chyhi, Eirwyn, Etzlix, Mikal
Udder Chaos September 13, 2013 Abigail, Anoryn, Borodin, Edani, Inyri, Kimmila, Th’ero, Zaala
Zuvaleyuth's Newspaper Egg Touching September 13, 2012 Borodin, Dtirae, Kazulen, Inyri, Mikal
Trip to Maiona Cothold September 14, 2012 Edani, Ezra, Inyri
Similarities (at Maiona) September 14, 2012 Edani, Ezra, Inyri
Ezra's Monster Fish (at Maiona) September 14, 2012 Edani, Ezra, Inyri
Western's Trade Fair September 15, 2012 Borodin, Edani, Zaala, Zion
Evening Drama in the Barracks September 15, 2012 Abigail, Borodin, Dtirae, Edani, Harmony, Hotaru, Jamen (npc), Kimmila, Mikal, Queska (npc), Th’ero, Zaala
Bulldogging Hotaru September 18, 2012 Edani, Eirwyn, Abigail, Mikal, Hotaru, Zaala
Fish and Wildlife September 20, 2012 Borodin, Zapallie
The Plan September 21, 2012 Harmony, Inyri
Chatter September 21, 2012 Fynnigan, Abigail
Weightlifting September 22, 2012 Abigail, A'lin, Edani, Eirwyn
Gardening September 22, 2012 Fynnigan, Eirwyn
Meat Shields? (prehatching chaos) September 23, 2012 Abigail, A'lin, Edani, Eirwyn, Etzlix, Harmony, Hotaru, Inyri, Kazulen, Khyonai, Mikal, Miki, Zaala
Like A Particularly Depressed Log September 23, 2012 Kazulen, Zapallie
Settling into the Barracks September 23, 2012 Abigail, D'ani, Harmony, Inri
Family Issues Settled September 24, 2012 Eirwyn, Th'ero
Scavenger Hunt (Weyrling lesson) September 24, 2012 Abigail, D'ani, Harmony, Inri, Kimmila, Kh’nai,Th’ero, Crosenturath, Dremkoth, Kouzevelth, Niumdreoth, Lyrienth, Varmiroth, Velokraeth
Compatibility is Everything September 25, 2012 Borodin, D'ani, Zapallie
Snow Day! September 26, 2012 Abigail, Harmony
Damnable Mutton (Hunting - Take 1) September 26, 2012 Abigail, D’ani, Inri, Kimmila, Th’ero, Dremkoth, Kouzevelth, Niumdreoth, Varmiroth, Velokraeth
AWLM Zoi September 30, 2012 D'ani, Ezra. Dremkoth, Zoi
Title Date Cast
Puzzles Before Practice October 03, 2012 Abigail, Eirwyn, M'icha, Niumdreoth, Xucieth, Aycheth
Speaking of Drinking October 05, 2012 Inri, Kimmila, M'lo, Th'ero
Agile...Executions? October 06, 2012 Abigail, D'ani, Harmony, Kimmila, Th'ero, Niumdreoth, Dremkoth, Crosenturath, Varmiroth
Clutchmates! October 08, 2012 Abigail, Borodin, Niumdreoth
The Same Name Rule? October 08, 2012 Daniella, D'ani, Ezra
Ride 'Em Cowboy! October 10, 2012 Abigail, D'ani, Eirwyn, Inri, Kimmila, Th'ero, Dremkoth, Kouzevelth, Niumdreoth, Xucieth, Varmiroth, Velokraeth
Do I Know You? October 11, 2012 Kimmila, Soriana
Some Cake to go with the Awkward... October 12, 2012 Kimmila, M'lo, Th'ero
Aftermath of Meetings October 14, 2012 Kimmila, M'lo, Th'ero
An Awkward Family Visit October 23, 2012 Th'ero, Zi'on
First Taste of Flight October 24, 2012 Abigail, D'ani, Harmony, Kimmila, Soriana, Th'ero
"Damsel Rescuing" October 25, 2012 Abigail, D'ani, Kimmila, Th'ero
Salting Wounds October 26, 2012 Kimmila, M'lo, Pnali (NPC), Th'ero
(Minor) Damage Control October 27, 2012 Lycander (NPC), M'lo, Th'ero
Title Date Cast
A Little Taste of Politics November 1, 2012 Abigail, D'ani, Inri, Kimmila, Laric (NPC), M'icha
You're Something Special November 5, 2012 D'ani, Ezra, Inri
Storm Bound November 6, 2012 Abigail, D'ani, Eirwyn, Kimmila, Th'ero
Brief and Belated Pep-Talk November 7, 2012 Abigail, Polana
East Meets North November 7, 2012 Abigail, A'tien, D'ani, Etzlix, Garawan, G'tor, Jaireme, Kayla, Kimmila, Maeve, Najara, Th'ero
Visit to Gold Hill November 9, 2012 D'ani, Eirwyn, Harmony, Inri, Kimmila, M'icha, Th'ero, Unevyr (NPC)
Right Versus Wrong November 20, 2012 Eirwyn, Th'ero
Introductions at the Lake November 22, 2012 Abigail, Elijah, Hotaru, Inri, Yurolt
Off Duty November 23, 2012 K'drozen, Yurolt
A Chance Encounter November 23, 2012 Kimmila, Yurolt
Sharks, Swimming (In Fabric) November 23, 2012 Hotaru, Kazulen
A Simple Read November 24, 2012 A'di, Yurolt
Well Matched Spar November 26, 2012 Breshir (NPC), Kimmila, Th'ero, Yurolt
Follow the Velo-Nut November 26, 2012 Harmony, Th'ero, Crosenturath, Velokraeth
Between Rocks November 28, 2012 D'ani, Th'ero, Dremkoth, Velokraeth
Fort Sea Hold Gather November 29, 2012 Abigail, D'ani, Eirwyn, Ezra, Hotaru, Kimmila, Th'ero, Yurolt
Title Date Cast
The Foundation Remains (Return to Stonehaven) December 04, 2012 D'ani, Ezra, Th'ero, Dremkoth, Velokraeth
Lakeside Chat December 5, 2012 Abigail, Hotaru, Yurolt
Reporting In December 6, 2012 A'dmar, Dtirae, Kimmila, Thea, Th'ero
Self-Doubts and... Firelizard Hatchings? December 8, 2012 Eirwyn, Kimmila, M'lo, Th'ero, Yurolt
Likeable Math December 11, 2012 Dtirae, Mathier
Foot and Mouth December 12, 2012 Abigail, Yurolt
Under the Cloak of Night December 13, 2012 Gershel, Kimmila, Th'ero
The Fall of Gold Hill Warning: Violence, death, injuries and minor swearing December 14, 2012 Abigail, D'ani, Gershel, Inri, Kazulen, K'drozen, Kimmila, Jaye, Th'ero, Yurolt, Iarohana (NPC), Oannis (NPC)
Jerry Springer Family Drama (aka Gold Hill Part II) December 14, 2012 Abigail, D'ani, Gershel, Inri, Kazulen, Kimmila, Th'ero, Yurolt
Return to Fort Weyr December 15, 2012 Abigail, Inri, Kazulen, Kimmila, Th'ero, Yurolt
Request Denied! December 15, 2012 D'ani, Ezra, Kimmila, Th'ero
Sick Bay December 16, 2012 Abigail, Yurolt
Interrogating Rayathess December 19, 2012 D'ani, Kimmila, Rayathess, Th'ero
Damsel-Rescuing For Reals December 19, 2012 Abigail, D'ani, Kimmila, Th'ero
Reunion December 19, 2012 D'ani, Ezra, Rayathess
A Meeting over Meat December 21, 2012 Hotaru, Zelda
The Awkward Lecture (Backdated) December 23, 2012 Abigail, D'ani, Eirwyn, Inri, Kimmila, M'icha, Th'ero
Rancid Meat December 24, 2012 K'drozen, Yurolt
Guards, Harpers and Weyrbrats... Oh My! December 28, 2012 Abigail, Hotaru, T'us, Yurolt and NPC Harpers
I Scream You Scream We all Scream for Ice Cream! December 31, 2012 Abigail, Hotaru, Kimmila, Th'ero, Yurolt, Zelda
Brother, Friend, Wingmate December 31, 2012 D'ani, Ezra