Title Date Cast
What ARE Your Intentions? 15 January 2011 Casiella, Galina
Calanth? Insane? Impossible. 16 January 2011 Casiella, K'ael
Title Date Cast
While Away The Hours 02 February 2011 Casiella, Ely, M'lo, N'drei, P'rius, Polsie
A Techie Arrives 20 February 2011 Casiella, Idralia, Melze, P'rius, Polsie
Tourist Time 20 February 2011 Idralia, Polsie
Tech Support 21 February 2011 Jayashri, Mekez, P'rius, Polsie
Long Lost Treasures? 21 February 2011 Idralia, P'rius
Title Date Cast
Children and Machines 06 March 2011 Idralia, Miki
Inventions 08 March 2011 Cypris, Idralia
Computing Kids (and Candidates) 20 March 2011 Jayashri, Melze, Polsie
Why'd It Have To Be Tunnelsnakes? 20 March 2011 Aamanz, Miki, Polsie
Break Time Conversations 22 March 2011 Alzanbri, Miki, Polsie, Xandis
Second Touching 25 March 2011 Aamanz, Galina, Jayashri, Miki, Polsie
Third Touching 26 March 2011 Galina, Lyana, Polsie
Babysitting - Sigh 29 March 2011 Daniela(NPC), Shakoi, Xandis
Ribbons and Questions 30 March 2011 Daniela(NPC), Melze, Xandis
It's Called Bad Advice 31 March 2011 Alzanbri, R'oo, Xandis
Really Bad Advice, In Fact 31 March 2011 Melze, Xandis
Title Date Cast
The Gormless Boy 01 April 2011 Baultz(NPC), Miki, Milana(NPC), Polsie
Flirting Sailors and Fire Breathing Humans 04 April 2011 Aamanz, Donakan, Landers, Miki, Polsie
A Fair Bit of Trouble 06 April 2011 Lyana, Miki, Polsie
Hailstorms and Hair Cuts 12 April 2011 Melze, X'dis
Title Date Cast
Chitchat in the Caverns 19 July 2011 Ely, Idralia, M'lo, Neyuni
Party Planning 25 July 2011 A'dmar, Eldann(NPC), Idralia, M'lo, Miki, Tamsyn
Charades 28 July 2011 A'dmar, Ely, Idralia, M'lo, Miki
Title Date Cast
Crafters, on Life 04 August 2011 Idralia, Tamsyn
Violence in the air... 05 August 2011 A'dmar, B'nar(NPC), Miki, M'lo, Xe'ter
Elara Returns 25 August 2011 Elara, Idralia, Miki, R'oc
Title Date Cast
Are You Soliciting Me? 12 September 2011 A'dmar, Idralia
A Fight Between Bronzers 16 September 2011 A'dmar, Miki, M'lo, R'oc
Visiting Miki 19 September 2011 Carlyn, Idralia, Miki, R'oc
A Hunter, a Stablehand and a Weaver 20 September 2011 Aniki (NPC by Miki), Carlyn, Deitra
Daily Dosages of Punches 21 September 2011 Carlyn, Deitra
Aniki vs. R'oc? 22 September 2011 Deitra, Idralia, Miki
Age Philosophy and Technology 23 September 2011 Deitra, Idralia
Welcome Home 25 September 2011 Aniki(NPC by Miki), Kairyhs
Onions and Grass 26 September 2011 Deitra, Hanild, Mharen, Miki, X'dis
Rumors Are Fun? 27 September 2011 Deitra, Kairhys, Mharen
Relaxation Comes in Many Forms 28 September 2011 Deitra, Idralia, Mharen
Got A Tunnelsnake In There 29 September 2011 Deitra, X'dis
Splish Splash 29 September 2011 Carlyn, Hanild, Miki, X'dis
Echo of the Past 29 September 2011 Kairhys, Vyxtam
Always On Guard 30 September 2011 Kairhys, Mharen
Boys Over Flowers 30 September 2011 Kairhys, Miki
A Riding Lesson 30 September 2011 Carlyn, Deitra
Title Date Cast
I'm Not Looking For Anything, Actually 03 October 2011 Idralia, Mharen
Getaway 05 October 2011 Deitra, Miki
Differences of Love 05 October 2011 Deitra, Kairhys
Straw is NOT in Fashion 06 October 2011 Aniki (NPC by Miki), Carlyn, Idralia
Cold Bodies, Cold Feet 07 October 2011 Deitra, Zi'on
Bar Fights and Stick Fights 08 October 2011 Carlyn, Deitra, Hanild, Miki
Snowball Fights and Flights 09 October 2011 Carlyn, Deitra, Hanild, Idralia, K'ael, Kairhys, Miki, Neyuni, Th'ero, Ur'con
Rowdy Reunion 09 October 2011 Aniki (NPC by Miki), Deitra, Shena
Where a Trader Calls Home 10 October 2011 Eizra, Idralia
Snowy Interactions 10 October 2011 Kairhys, Mharen, Miki, Shena, Th'ero
The Nature of Specialties 10 October 2011 Carlyn, Idralia, Shena
Tales of the Tavern 11 October 2011 Adalinus, Carlyn, Deitra, Miki
Catching Drinks 11 October 2011 Deitra, Shena
Some Things Never Change (Warning: Mild Swearing) 11 October 2011 Kimmila, Th'ero
Alliance 12 October 2011 Elara, Th'ero
Makeover Madness 12 October 2011 Adalinus, Aniki (NPC by Miki), Carlyn, Deitra, Idralia, Shena
It's A Trap! 13 October 2011 Adalinus, Deitra, Th'ero
Hiding In Plain Sight 14 October 2011 Kairhys, Th'ero
Winter Expedition 15 October 2011 Adalinus, Deitra
Snowageddon 16 October 2011 Aamanz, Kairhys, Melze, Miki, Shena, Tamsyn, Xanshalla
Of Darts and Pool 16 October 2011 Idralia, P'rius, R'oc
Just One Of Those Days Language Warning 17 October 2011 Adalinus, Carlyn, Deitra, Thorlan
Dinner Date 18 October 2011 Adalinus, Deitra
Beware: Furious Dolphineer Ahead 18 October 2011 Jeyinshi, Th'ero
Shenanigans! 19 October 2011 Adalinus, Carlyn, Deitra, Kairhys, Miki, N'drei, P'rius
Why So Serious? 19 October 2011 Aniki(NPC by Miki), Kairhys, Miki
Limit Break 20 October 2011 Deitra, Kairhys, Miki
Paths Crossed 20 October 2011 Th'ero, Zi'on
Questions Better Left Unasked 21 October 2011 Adalinus, Deitra, Kairhys
Just Another Rainy Day 22 October 2011 Idralia, Tamsyn
On Ice 22 October 2011 Adalinus, Deitra
A Dying Wish (Kairhys is Searched) 23 October 2011 Cielyn(NPC), Darius(NPC), Kairhys, P'rius, Zhieth
From Sand to Snow (Jaylen is Searched) 23 October 2011 Jaylen, Miki, Sohnyuoth
Nice To Meetcha 24 October 2011 Adalinus, Chrystyne, Deitra
Darts, Take Two 24 October 2011 Idralia, R'oc
Fluffy Construction 25 October 2011 Deitra, Kairhys, Xanshalla
Of Paperwork and Families 25 October 2011 M'lo, Th'ero
What Makes Eggs Interesting 25 October 2011 Chrystyne, Idralia, Jaylen, Kimmila, Marissa (NPC)
Fresh Meat (Chrystyne is Searched) 26 October 2011 Chrystyne, Melze
Flattery Gets You... A Knot? (Nayale is Searched) 26 October 2011 Nayale, Th'ero, Velokraeth
Ambush of White (Deitra is Searched) 26 October 2011 Adalinus, Deitra, Kimmila, Th'ero
Chores, Bedpans, and Knots (Adalinus is Searched) 27 October 2011 Adalinus, Deitra, Kairhys, M'lo
Knot Potato (Xanshalla is Searched) 27 October 2011 Melze, Miki, Xanshalla, Ronareoth, Sohnyuoth
Short Chat 29 October 2011 Chrystyne, Xanshalla
Say You, Say Me 29 October 2011 Adalinus, Deitra, Kairhys
A Trade of Sorts 29 October 2011 Deitra, Kimmila, Lorec (NPC), Nayale, Neyuni, Padron (NPC), Qeska (NPC), Reia (NPC), Tabish (NPC), Th'ero, Varmiroth, Velokraeth
The Harsh Truth Language Warning: Heavy Swearing 29 October 2011 Kimmila, Th'ero
Impression Worries 30 October 2011 Deitra, Elara
A Formal Offer (Kershaw is Searched) 30 October 2011 Kershaw, Th'ero
Gabbing Over Leather & Laundry 30 October 2011 Adalinus, Xanshalla
Galleries Gathering 31 October 2011 Adalinus, Deitra, Nayale, Xanshalla
Title Date Cast
Not So Quiet Time 01 November 2011 Chyhi, Deitra, Kairhys, Padron(NPC), Qeska(NPC), Xanshalla
So Round, So Firm, So Fully Packed (Egg Touching 1) 01 November 2011 Deitra, Kairhys, Miki, Neyuni, Th'ero
Interlude at the Top of the Spire 02 November 2011 Nayale, Xanshalla
A Touching Feeling (Egg Touching 2) 02 November 2011 Chrystyne, Deitra, Jaylen, Melze, Miki
Agreement to Forget 02 November 2011 Adalinus, Deitra
Play Nice (Backdated) 02 November 2011 Deitra, Th'ero
Anxiety Attack 02/03 November 2011 Miki, Xanshalla
Running Games 03 November 2011 Adalinus, Xanshalla
An Invasion of Privacy 03 November 2011 Kairhys, Th'ero
Hello, Goodbye 03 November 2011 Kairhys, Kimmila, Nayale, Shena
A Matter of Opinion 04 November 2011 Kairhys, Miki
That's How You Work It 04 November 2011 Deitra, Jaylen, Padron(NPC), Th'ero
Goodbye Lunch! 05 November 2011 Deitra, Jaylen, Kimmila, Padron(NPC)
A Lesson in Chaos 06 November 2011 Adalinus, Deitra, Kairhys, Melze, Miki, Padron(NPC), Qeska(NPC), Xanshalla
History Hunting 07 November 2011 Deitra, Kimmila, Padron(NPC)
Seeking A Token 07 November 2011 Jaylen, K'drozen
Sowing Seeds 08 November 2011 Deitra, Xanshalla, Padron(NPC)
Friendly Sit Down 08 November 2011 Kairhys, Melze
To Hunt, To Provide, To Survive 09 November 2011 Adalinus, Deitra, Kimmila, Neyuni, Padron(NPC), Th'ero
Late Breakfast, Early Lunch 10 November 2011 Deitra, P'rius, Padron(NPC)
Brief and Unexpected Reunions 10 November 2011 Ila'den, Iris, Jeyinshi, Th'ero
'Claw Fest '91! - Subtle Undercurrents 12 November 2011 Deitra, Jeyinshi, Kairhys, Qeska(NPC), Th'ero, Xanshalla
Idle Chatter 14 November 2011 Deitra, Kairhys, Padron(NPC)
Hunt for Misplaced Treasure 15 November 2011 Deitra, Jaylen, Jeyinshi, Kershaw, Kimmila, Neyuni, Padron (NPC), Th'ero
We're Out to Discover! 16 November 2011 Deitra, Kimmila
Know Your Meal 19 November 2011 A'lin, Dtirae
Words of the Wise 19 November 2011 Dtirae, Elara, Wiyaneth, Zuvaleyuth
Young, Curious Minds 21 November 2011 Dtirae, K'hys, Th'ero, Jheth, Velokraeth, Zuvaleyuth
What's in a Name? 22 November 2011 Th'ero, Zi'on
A Lesson in Sparring Warning: Mild Swearing, mention of blood 27 November 2011 Kimmila, Th'ero
Not So Straps Lesson 30 November 2011 Dtirae, Miki, Sohnyuoth, Zuvaleyuth
Title Date Cast
Deflection 04 December 2011 K'hys, Kimmila
Bright and Early 04 December 2011 A'lin, K'hys
An Odd Assortment 14 December 2011 Jaye, Kimmila, Mahlia, Morez, Th'ero
Lazy Day 17 December 2011 K'hys, Th'ero
How Not To Let Go 18 December 2011 Elara, K'hys
Weyrling Stew 19 December 2011 A'lin, K'hys
Oblivious No More 21 December 2011 P'rel, Th'ero
The Awkward of Unexpected 23 December 2011 A'lin, K'hys
Bestest of Pals 26 December 2011 A'lin, K'hys
The Truth 27 December 2011 K'hys, Kimmila, Th'ero, Zi'on
The Price 27 December 2011 A'lin, Dtirae, K'hys
Ruin and Renewal 28 December 2011 A'lin, K'hys
Winter's Spring 29 December 2011 A'lin, K'hys
The Gold Standard 30 December 2011 A'lin, Dtirae, K'hys
Damn Technology 31 December 2011 Kimmila, Lacus, Mahlia, Th'ero