PW has had a database corruption, and is experiencing downtime and roll back. Mynti and the wizards are working to try and repair the corrupted database, and rebuild the game on a stable code base. The game will be going up and down as they work on it.

If you can log into PW, @decomp everything you own by typing @decomp me. Then type @search me, and then @decomp every dbrf # you see. Save that data to a log or copy/paste to a text file.

Please click here for more information. Contact information is there and we will help in any way we can.

We are also required to condense Fort Weyr's rooms to 30 for the new game and we're looking for all Fortian players to chime in with their choices or any insight or comments! Please see the GDoc here: for more information! We plan to have 30 rooms, including TP rooms where some of the surplus descs will go!


Star Stones Image created by Elara

The dream came true in Turn 2555. A dream that Sean and Sorka Connell had started when they first took to fight thread on dragon back. Thread was eradicated. Pern was freed from a deadly threat that fell from the sky. Dragonriders were no longer left to wonder if that morning was going to be their last. Yet, it left many dragon riders wondering what life would be like without the worry. It left Fort Weyr, the first of all weyrs to be founded on Pern, the most traditional place on the planet, struggling to transition itself to survive this new world. Yet survive it has, and the dragonmen of Fort stand ready to protect and serve, as they always have. Threadfighting wings have in turn become search and rescue and transport wings, their jobs no less important in this new age, and at times, no less dangerous.


IC Staff:
Senior Weyrwoman: Nyalle
Junior Weyrwoman: Inri
Weyrleader: Th'ero
Weyrsecond: D'ani
Retired Weyrwomen: Dtirae, Neyuni, Elara

OOC Staff:

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